Scientology Processing


Scientology Processing can address various areas:

Anger Management
Anxiety Management
Panic Attacks
Bad Habits
Manage Phobias
Pain Relief
Personal Development
Self Confidence
Self Esteem
Sexual Issues
Sleep Problems
Sports Improvement
Stress Management
Address Nail Biting
Ultimate Self Confidence
Address Smoking and Start Living
Overcome Sexual Issues
Beat Procrastination
Address Drinking Alcohol
Address Addictions
Get Motivated to Exercise
Personal Improvement
Traumatic Experience
Past Life Regression
Future Life Progression
Spiritual Enlightenment
Spiritual Energy Boosting

Flag only rundowns , which Pierre studied and delivered(e.g. Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive) address variety of handlings like money and spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other. The Ls , Flag Only Rundowns [Delivered at Flag Only] , NOTs [Delivered only in Advanced Organizations / Sea Orgs] , Power and Superpower require advanced auditor skills and trained C/S. The above rundowns should not be delivered without the supervision of a trained C/S. C/S training is required as some of the handlings are in the C/S materials. The authentic Flag Only Rundowns materials have not been released in the Free Field