Pierre Ethier has NOT trained Trey Lotz and has NOT provided Ls materials to Trey Lotz! Pierre has NO connection with Trey!

Note from admin

Pierre Ethier does not endorse any groups , associations and independent auditors. Pierre Ethier DOES NOT endorse the delivery of the Ls by other auditors or trainees. Please be warned that there were multiple instances when auditors have been fraudulently claiming that Pierre Ethier is C/S-ing their practice and on few occasions have been fraudulently charging the PC under a false pretence.

Pierre Ethier DOES NOT endorse the delivery of the Ls by other auditors or trainees, this specifically apply to TREY LOTZ whom Pierre Ethier never actually trained on L12 nor L10 after too many flubs,and insisting on auditing pcs that were clearly not setup, (ignoring FLUNKS and explicit interdiction from Pierre as the C/S), in addition to Trey refusal to correct on L11 and on chronically missing witholds on his pcs. Trey Lotz has NOT completed & attested training and is NOT certified by Pierre Ethier to deliver the Ls . According to Trey Lotz he informed his public that Pierre is not C/Sing for him. Karen de La Carriere has confirmed that she has never C/Sed for Trey Lotz nor trained him on the Ls. She has not provided him any Ls materials either.

Pierre Ethier does not engage in the distribution of copyrighted materials, despite of roomers and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates.

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Field auditors affiliated with the Corporate Church of Scientology deliver auditing up to Clear and typically have NO EXPERIENCE in delivering upper levels .Field auditors refer their PC to the Orgs for 15% FSM commission which they receive for services purchased by the PC from the Church. A field auditor usually comes out in the free field with no experience auditing beyond Clear and lacks the discipline to audit under C/S..

Flag only rundowns (which Pierre studied and delivered – e.g. Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive ) address variety of handlings like money and spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other. The Ls , Flag Only Rundowns [Delivered at Flag Only] , NOTs [Delivered only in Advanced Organizations / Sea Orgs] , Power and Superpower require advanced auditor skills and trained C/S. The above rundowns should not be delivered without the supervision of a trained C/S. C/S training is required as some of the handlings are in the C/S materials. The authentic Flag Only Rundowns materials have not been released in the Free Field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still audit?

Pierre Ethier  is supporting an exclusive and limited circle of public, who maintain ethical standards and are dedicated to standard tech and spiritual advancement. Pierre does not support other practices and discourage mixing practices. Pierre accepts new public only after a case assessment.

Pierre makes any recommendations and discuss further arrangements only after a thorough case assessment with the one who have shown to be truly dedicated to spiritual advancement . 

Can you share the list of the trained Class XIIs?

Below is the list of the trained Class XII.  There are fraudulent claims by people who have not been trained or have not attested.  The names of the auditors personally trained by LRH are well documented in the Apollo Crew List and other documents. The original 8 Class XIIs that were trained by LRH are listed in the following link:


The list of all Class XIIs that were ever made was compiled in 1998:


Do you travel to provide onsite auditing?

Pierre Ethier no longer travels, his time currently is predominantly dedicated to research. His travels are related only to completion of ongoing cycles.

Can you recommend auditors in my area?

It has proven that in order to recommend an auditor Pierre has to consistently oversee his/hers practice , training and ethical standards. On other hand for every Preclear there are case specific requirements that have to be addressed. Some auditors who are good auditing the lower bridge , might lack training on the upper bridge. For the above reasons any recommendations can be done only after a thorough assessment of the  auditor and additional case assessment of the Preclear , along with consistent Case Supervision.

I am in a need of repair due to bad auditing. Any recommendations?

Often this kind of situation is related to some sort of ethics situation. On one hand the poor choice of auditor shows  low perceptions. It was your responsibility to choose wisely and verify your auditor’s claims and credentials versus actual objective outcomes of his practice. (Reference: Dishonesty cuts persons reach HCO Bulletin 1 May 1985 “Honesty and Case Gain”:

 https://pierreethier.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/dishonesty-cuts-persons-reach/) .

You will have to deal with your personal ethics in order improve your ability to make wise decisions. On other hand auditors that mislead or defraud about  their credentials are out ethics. One example is the delivery of the Ls. Most of the fixes for the Ls are in the C/S materials. This is why the role of the C/S is vital and auditor needs advanced training that has been typically provided at Flag.

I was getting auditing in the Church. I am considering auditing in the Free field. Would I be able to get my folders?

This is a question that you should be directing to the Church.

Do you respond anonymous correspondence?

No. Anonymous exchange is an indication of some sort of ethics situation. Perhaps you should consider resolving it first.

Do you provide assistance with requests for refunds from the Church of Scientology?


Do you distribute copyrighted materials?

Absolutely not, despite of rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates.

What about delivery of the Ls in the Free Field?

The Ls are designed to be delivered by Flag trained Class XIIs. There is a huge difference between a Flag trained auditor and a field auditor. Below is a Quote by Karen De La Carierre , Class XII C/S: 

“I soon discovered that a “Field Class VIII” did not mean a Flag Class VIII. And so I re-did all my internships and then trained up to Class XII…”

Rumors that Pierre has trained Trey Lotz to deliver the Ls are also untrue.  Pierre did attempt to train Trey Lotz on L11 , Trey committed gross auditing errors , refused correction and never sent a video for evaluation, yet made many unreasonable demands. Trey Lotz never attested nor completed Ls training with Pierre. Trey Lotz is a field auditor, never worked in an advanced organization and has mostly experience auditing the Lower Bridge . It is a well known fact that as a field auditor Trey was forbidden per Church Policy to audit any Upper Level Rundowns and OT Levels. He lacked the discipline  and the training to audit under the supervision of a C/S and lacked experience  to address the complexity of the Upper Bridge . There is vital information for the Ls in the C/S materials and for an auditor with no experience in the Upper Bridge to deliver the Ls without a C/S is reckless. In addition many of the  references related to the Ls are in the Class X , Class XI and Class XII materials and Trey is only Class VIII. When Trey Lotz promotes 40 000 hours on the chair , this means that his experience is overwhelmingly  in the Lower Bridge, which is not as complex as the Upper Bridge. L11 was designed by LRH to be delivered in a week , however Trey Lotz was chronically delivering it on numerous occasions in a duration of 4 months. This information is also broadly documented on the internet in various public releases by Trey’s PCs. Additional out tech was present in Trey’s delivery and Pierre wish NO association with Trey Lotz.

A number of Trey Lotz PCs have viciously attacked Pierre and his family on Trey’s behalf , this including attacking Pierre’s child due to his disability or making  other vicious and cruel threats. The very same Trey’s PCs also carried out vast smear campaigns about Pierre and claimed to have  made fraudulent reports to the Church and various government agencies . A PC of Trey claims to have partnered with the Church in attacking Pierre to uphold Trey’s financial interests , claimed to have paid $30 000 to investigate Pierre in order to ruin his auditing practice and take Pierre’s home with intention of unfairly profiting and putting his disabled child homeless, published on the internet Pierre’s bank account and private phone numbers with an invitation  to harass Pierre. This was an organized effort of associates of Trey Lotz in a partnership with the Church to silence and dead agent Pierre in order prevent him from auditing. This evil plot eventually fired back on them.   Such a behavior is practically shameless and  it is sad to see such  EVIL outcome has been produced by a practitioner out of GREEDEVIL is a poor product! We hope that one day the above people will realize that seeking to destroy people of good will (like Pierre) is NOT the road to spiritual enlightenment. This also applies to their enablers and associates. In all cases these PCs were prized and socially rewarded  by Trey Lotz despite of their EVIL  behavior seeking to destroy a person of good will. Good people who had voiced private concerns directly to Trey Lotz , had been also threatened by the very same PCs.

 Trey Lotz NEVER made any advanced payments to Pierre to book or schedule his time and to cover Pierre’s time and expenses with a fair exchange . Rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates in that regard are also untrue.  Pierre who spent 20 years in the Sea Org at almost no pay , had covered out of his own pocket many advanced and initial expenses , as well as ongoing expenses related Trey, who had spent his time as a field auditor at the rate of  around $160 000/ year. (based on Trey’s own reports to IRS  for tax exemption 2004 ,2001 – this is exactly like the Church- merely mentioning the facts here! Also  based on Trey Lotz own boosting to have delivered 4000 hours of Ls auditing which amounts to 2500 hours in the last two years or $250 000 per year just from the Ls where around $100 000/year seem to have been unreported to IRS) In one year period alone Pierre provided to Trey in excess of 300 hours unpaid services. 

Below is a quote by LRH that explains that the Upper Bridge should not be misused. This applies for the Ls , OT Levels , Flag Only Rundowns, NOTs and other Upper Bridge actions.

“The lower levels of Scientology are quite innocent. Only the upper grades could be harmful if misused and these are only placed in the hands of experts” L. Ron Hubbard in “ Is Scientology Dangerous”








All information contained, written and/or supplied shall be deemed to be without prejudice and is intended only for general education use.

Click here for a summary of concerns about delivery of the Ls in the FreeZone/ Independent field by Karen De La Carriere

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  • Black Dianetics and/or reverse processing is often done on the person in an effort to cave him/her in. Black Dianetics is used in the free field by auditors who apply processes sourced by the Church to cave in others or to produce fanatic followers. Typically those auditors never been trained to provide the specific level , lack major data from the rundowns. Their unsuspected subjects rave in euphoria but then constantly get stuck on irrelevant issues, enterbualate and get upset easily. Those kind of people become restimulated, simply unstable and easily manipulated. This is how one produce EVIL, promote EVIL and talk mostly about EVIL doing.
  • When an individual continues to vocalize or write about disagreements with Black PR treatment or anything else about evil practices he/she is being subjected to, a partnership of allies will publish mean-spirited propaganda about that individual. That propaganda inevitably contains the fruits of the personal and private communication and the private life of the targeted individual directed into a smear campaign. Seldom is it done with chapter-and-verse, literal detail which could make the opressor legally accountable. Instead, it is done through a sophisticated and complex propaganda methodology. It requires the development of a dark and evil mindset to create this sort of propaganda.
  •  Ralph Hilton had published an open letter as a part of a Black PR campaign to spread the enemy line around the web. Now over a five years later a crowd of stooges related to the Church are glorifying  Hilton’s full admission of having personal attitude problems , re-stimulation and acting out of EVIL. Ralph Hilton wrote: “I attacked you in return – yes it was evil purposes in restimulation and I know that I woke them up to do it.” It is very wrong to do others in. It is wrong to orchestrate attacks out of your own evil. It is even more wrong to freely advertise your evil intentions like it is something that makes you stand out with promoting your evil and appealing to manipulate the crowd of haters to join you in doing evil to others. Evil remains evil , no matter what shape and form it takes. There is no excuse for evil doing! Be aware that very sadly evil propagates to your associates and allies.

It is time to say ” Enough is Enough” of your evil!

We do not want your evil in our lives!

2 comments on “WARNING

  1. 1. The following is correspondence from Trey Lotz to myself that shows that according to Trey Lotz , he has engaged himself to inform his own public that as of 2009 Pierre Ethier does not C/S for him. Unfortunately on a number of occasions Trey Lotz has misinformed his public and has not made a diligent effort to make the necessary clarifications :

    “From: Trey Lotz
    Sent: December-23-11 6:34 AM
    I met Pierre in 2007 and I began to receive my Ls from him.
    I started auditing the Ls in the Fall of 2008. For the first year Pierre csed me and gave me programs when I asked for them.

    Starting in the Fall of 2009, it became a lot harder to get any csing or programs from Pierre when I asked for them. I stopped telling people that Pierre was csing for me.”

    2. Below is a response given by Chris Black in regard to clarification to verify the Ls “certification” of Trey Lotz by APIS/IFA. Trey Lotz was also unable to respond who certified him to deliver the Ls and NOTs. The logical conclusion is that Trey Lotz’s claims to have been trained on the Ls are misleading and/or false.

    “From: Cee Bee ( Chris Black)
    Sent: May-17-12 10:33 AM.
    “To answer concisely, I am not on all the comm lines in APIS (formerly, IFA). I am the Senior C/S which does not have the same responsibilities and duties as a Qual Sec or KOT or OES, etc. So I’m not always aware of executive decisions. …….
    Re Trey, I will check with Michael and Trey on who certified him on Ls. As I have not trained on the Ls, I was not involved in that certification. Re Trey’s private practice, APIS does not get involved in that aspect of people’s practices as APIS is not a management or service org, but an association.””

    3. Below is what I received from Trey Lotz when I complained about his failed cases harassing me, calling me names and showing animosity after fraudulently attesting of being clean of evil intentions on L11. In actual fact what Trey Lotz had produced were individuals that would attack my non-scientology engineering job and the source of income to support my child and threaten to get me in trouble with the Church of Scientology making false reports. This is not the EP of L11, this is Trey Lotz failure to produce result. Here is his response showing that he does not care at all about his PCs:

    “From: Trey Lotz
    Sent: June-30-12 5:21 AM
    “Each person is responsible for their own condition”.”

    My question is what Trey Lotz considers his responsibility? Apparently according to Trey Lotz his responsibility is NOT to produce positive result. So what has left? It sounds that Trey Lotz only collects the money from naive individuals at prices above what the Church of Scientology would charge for the same cycle. In addition looking at numerous fake “success stories” published by Trey Lotz himself, one can spot that his cases remain un-flat, re stimulated and addicted to bad auditing, similar to a drug addicts , lining up for their next fix. Trey Lotz takes 6 months to deliver what LRH designed to be delivered in a week. This is NOT standard tech! This is a con man’s game and it is disgraceful! Greed is the only motivation!

    4. Here is an example of an individual who is working for the Church of Scientology and who you potentially can meet around Trey Lotz. The same PC is a well advertised as a ” success story” by Trey Lotz. Below are the direct threats with intention to harm me and my family that I have received from the same PC of Trey Lotz:

    “I will forward all of your emails to the Church of Scientology and ask them to take action.” .. or.. “…..I have half a mind to inform the Church of Scientology you are out here….”

    Is this the way to KSW in the FreeZone? By threatening people? Not only that but threats, organized attacks and insults are being produced by Trey’s PC for Pierre making the truth known that he did not C/S for them. Why, out of GREED for Trey’s PR campaign to swindle and short exchange Pierre’s child who has a disability.

    This Trey’s PC claims to be profiting from business deals with the Church of Scientology, but still promotes and hangs around Trey and chances are you will meet hanging around Trey Lotz. Logical conclusion is your privacy can not be guaranteed in Trey’s environment.

    5.It is even more disgraceful that the above individuals closely connected to Trey Lotz( who is their mentor ) are spreading lies and other sick propaganda about Pierre making false claims that he has been attacking Trey Lotz and other. Hereby I have included exerts of my own correspondence with Trey Lotz , which does show his corrupt intentions. In addition to that Trey Lotz himself has been harassing me with his correspondence around Christmas two years in a roll. Would a decent person harass the family members of his ” friend” for Christmas. I find this very offensive.

    6. Let me tell you a bit more about dirty tricks by Trey Lotz. Recently Trey has PR-ed himself by making PC under his influence to believe that he (Treys) is not a personality that creates conflicts and NEVER talks against otehr auditors. Trey Lotz always blames others for his failures and never takes responsibility for his actions. Interesting enough the claims from Trey Lotz that he never badmouth other auditors are NOT true. Here is an example of an email from Trey Lotz to Terril Park , where Trey badmouths and attacks Marty Rathbun. In the same email Trey ridiculed Marty.
    Trey Lotz to Terril Park: “But Marty hasn’t done the Ls himself, and he has never audited an L from beginning to end. Believe me, when he does, he will very quickly find out that there is a lot to know that isn’t in the HCOBs.“

    In addition Trey Lotz did 3P Pierre to myself sending to me also of lame accusations when he needs to grow up and address his own issues instead of blaming others and finding lame excuses for himself.

    7. In 2011 a PC of Trey Lotz tried to blackmail me on Trey’s behalf to convince Pierre to keep providing Trey with free services and further materials. She ( Treys’ PC) wrote to me that if Pierre does not do what Trey asks , he(Trey) will take Pierre “out of business”. As well she ( Treys’ PC) wrote to me that all her information about private arrangements between Trey and Pierre, comes from Trey Lotz and even use this exact wording ” There is no honor between thieves ” referring to Trey.

  2. I would recommend to ADD 4 words . .
    WARNING: At the behest of the Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA) – ORDERED BY THE CIA – a cowardly individual has been sending emails of an illegal and hateful nature . . . .

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