A Physician Discusses Dianetics

Review author: Catherine Ethier, MSc.

Dr. Beaver discovered Dianetics in 1950-es. He wrote a 16 pages book about his awareness of a psychogenic problems that his patients have experienced and his efforts to address them.  He mentioned in his writings that he concurs with the opinions of some of his colleagues and about his believe that 70% of the patients are having health problems related to psychological cause. Dr. Beaver emphasized the fact that he have searched for an answer to the above health problems for about 30 years.  He also described his experience with various psychosomatic illnesses and how would patients anxiety was relieved on many occasions and got visibly better often based on “faith” alone.

Dr. Beaver was accompanied by his wife and son visiting the Dianetics Foundation in Elizabeth, New Jersey, when he attended a lecture of Mr. Paul Koontz and was favourably impressed. There were no exorbitant claims during the lecture but somehow what came across was a reassurance for the medical professional that the Foundation research is on the right track and the results would be of heavy benefits to people. The book also describes the genuine improvement of Mrs. Beaver’s arthritis after series of Dainetics sessions.

Below is exert from the book introductory section:

“Dr. Beaver is a general practitioner with an M.D. degree, and has been located in Leetonia, Ohio, a small town of approximately 2,500 people, for thirty years. He was graduate of the Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland.

About twenty-two years ago a number of physicians with whom he met and practiced agreed to take certain interest in certain of the specialities, so that in a small community they might serve their patients better. Dr. Beaver picked the special interest of proctology. He subsequently become an Associate Fellow of the American Proctologic Society. He has been president of the County Medical Society, and has been president of seven-city one-hundred bed hospital, with a staff approximately thirty doctors.

In the spring of 1950 he made a trip to California to be present at his son’s graduation from U.C.L.A. While there Paul Beaver,, Jr. , presented him with the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and asked his father to read the book and give him honest appraisal.”

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An interesting find I would recommend is the personal copy of A.E.Van Vogt which is a real piece if Dianetics history :

“The book has been reprinted from The Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin, edited from the transcript of a lecture by Paul H. Beaver, M.D. A publication of Don Purcell’s Dianetic Foundation, Inc. One of A. E. Van Vogt’s personal copies. Provenance available from the estate of A. E. Van Vogt, a prominent science fiction writer, who was the head of Dianetics Foundation and who, after its dissolution, founded a separate Dianetics organization and remained a life-long friend of LRH. Link to   Bookseller Inventory # 021271

Bibliographic Details

Title: A Physician Discusses Dianetics

Publisher: Dianetic Research Foundation, Wichita, Kansas

Publication Date: 1953

Edition: First Edition 

The book is also available for $45 or less at: Link to book . You can also find free digital transcripts.


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