Significant change

A few months ago I went to the end of civilization and had a profound change of viewpoint. I will always remember and always cherish that trip to Endesh, the village in northern Tanzania. It gave my viewpoints in life a real shaking.

But that just isn’t enough.

A change like that is great, yes, but it just can’t beat looking at my own fundamental viewpoints, purposes and flaws. A real and systematic look at myself. To become a better person, to regain my self.

That just happened.

In less than a week I have gone through a significant change. I found a very basic flaw in my character that has diminished my potential since a very long time – a flaw that has gotten me into trouble almost daily. Sometimes it would result in just small daily issues, small road bumps. Occasionally it would give me more serious problems. And I just tackled this flaw.

If that wasn’t enough, I also had a look at a very fundamental purpose of mine in a whole new light. I discovered why I have the ambitions I have and why it sometimes makes me go in wrong directions or sometimes in no direction at all. I understand why I do what I do.

Now these, to me, are significant changes. And they have come from some serious soul searching.

I haven’t had Scientology auditing since 2006 (when I attested to OT 8). In the past week, one of the best trained auditors in the world, Piere Ethier has been  giving me something really powerful called L11 (List 11). Like me, Pierre has left the Church of Scientology and gives counseling outside the reach of the Scientology Thought Police. For a mere fraction of the price charged in the CoS, I have gotten more than I could ask for, more significant change than I hoped for. Truly inspiring stuff.

The Church of Scientology shall Face the Truth!

What is that the Church of Scientology does not want you to know ?

In 2005 Robert Dam was excommunicated by the Church of Scientology for publishing articles related to the abuses and coercion in the Church Of Scientology. One of the articles was written by Pierre Ethier and included a number of details from PUBLIC sources like  court cases and media releases about unacceptable , out-ethics and sometimes criminal behavior by staff and parishioners endorsed by the Church and the Church Ethics Officers. Michelle Butcher – Sterling  ( Emma) came to publicly admit that this article was the first critical thing about Scientology she did read on the internet. She eventually claims to have left the Church and is criticizing it to date. She also launched the ESMB – one controversial board that Michelle claims to have been dedicated to expose the crimes of the Church. One would of though Michelle would of been grateful for life but NO! She is still using the corrupt bullying practices she learned at the Church of Scientology.

In the above article there was a small mention about Pierre’s personal situation that prompted him to leave the Church after he was left for DEAD by  “his comrades” and Flag MLO who was trying to coerce Pierre that in condition of severe infection sustained while working at the Church , he is not to be seeking medical attention because his employer (The Church of Scientology – FSO) would be unwilling to pay his medical expenses as per employment contract and because the Church does not maintain workers compensation insurance. I have witnessed this conversation first hand! Believe me , it was not hard to convince a man who is delirious , running a fever of 41 degrees C, shaking and can not properly rationalize that HE HAS TO DIE to save few pennies for the Church of  Scientology. At the time Pierre was full time  staff at FSO  and for over 20 years he was living on $30/ week or less working for the Church excessive work hours (over 110 hours a week). The Church of Scientology however was paid by parishioners for Pierre’s services  and profited at the rate of up to $1000 per hour. The Church of Scientology was to take care for Pierre’s medical experiences , however the Church would not. I was able to convince Pierre to see a doctor and thankfully to the quick administration of antibiotic Pierre survived.

Couple of years prior the Church of Scientology had drained Pierre’s personal financials and coerced him to provide loans to parishioners for services at the Church that were never repaid. Those were funds needed for Pierre’s follow up surgery after a severe accident that happened while he was on staff at the Church. During the accident Pierre’s leg was ripped apart and surgically reconstructed , he spent many days in coma and was told by the doctors he will never walk again. He walked and was coerced  to work immediately after his release from the hospital in an abusive about 110 hours a week work schedule for the sole profit of the Church of Scientology.  As a result for not having the funds for a follow up surgery Pierre end up with a physical disability for life.

One would think that the Church of Scientology is practicing what they are preaching. Well that is not the case! What does the Scientologists code of Honor has to say?  #1 says: ” Never desert a comrade in need , danger or trouble”.  I witnessed the “comrades” at FSO leaving Pierre for dead and caring for nothing but themselves! Not a news here.

After Pierre was left for dead by his ” comrades “ he eventually reconsidered his further associations with the Church, the lack of moral values and lack of care for others and this prompted him for leaving. On leaving the Church officers attempted to break our marriage and ordered Pierre to disconnect me.

But the story did not end up here. After Pierre spoke up about the abuse he had endured by the Church of Scientology an organized campaign was launched to dead agent him and to fairgame his family.  A number of gullible FreeZoners and Ex-Scientologists along with PIs and OSA agents were used to repeat the Church of Scientology fabrications and enemy lines. Smear was fabricated and spread around the internet, including some wild rumors clearly to consistently attack Pierre’s physical disability by contempt and ridicule going into stalking and criminal harassment.

In other words for his kindness to help parishioners obtain services at the Church , Pierre end up to have to cope with physical disability for life and consistent harassment by the very same people he helped .

Pierre also had to cope with the constant attacks of  FreeZoners and Ex-Scientologists used by the Church of Scientology to fair game him or  who were simply implanted with EVIL intentions by questionable GREEDY FreeZone Practicioners. Some attackers were also greedy opportunists and even covertly conspired with the Church of Scientology is an attempt  to profit by getting our home for their own profit and putting our disabled child homeless.

I have personally witnessed all the above events and there is much more to tell about the consistent attempts for family disconnection and an order by the Church ” Ethics” officer to split our marriage. ( to be continued)