Robert F. Lyons

The Sanctuary of Standard Scientology Technology is dedicated to Pierre Ethier: a Flag trained Class XII Auditor honored as The Best Auditor on the Planet for over a decade.


Pierre Ethier did audit the actor Robert F. Lyons

Robert Lyons attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He spent his high school years in a very strict military school. Robert Lyons was a tap dancer at age six. He studied with legendary coaches Stella Adler, Milton Katselas and Arthur Storch.

“An actor thinks in terms of emotions and the effects he/she wants to create. One must make them real and natural, not forced and ‘performed.’ The acting of today is more a matter of ‘being,’ therefore it is important to go beyond ‘acting.'”


Today Bobby Lyons is coaching actors to learn new skills for confidence in auditioning using Scientology tools. He also covers the practical application of specific chapters from the book Scientology: The Problems of Work  authored by L. Ron Hubbard that show  how to have certainty in the individual auditioning and help with techniques to build…

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