Thrilling and Transcendent Experience

Our daily existence can be an incredibly transcendent experience with exceeding or surpassing the usual limits especially in excellence. Beyond and outside  of the ordinary range of human experience or understanding there is a magnificence to our essential being that lights up beyond our physical existence. The authentic spirituality doesn’t escape our bodily existence. It glories in it.

Our essential being is often constricted early in life by the demands of family and society. To be spiritually fulfilled isn’t about escaping this life or somehow transcending it. When we are fully immersed in our everyday life, completely present, bringing consciousness into everything we do, life itself becomes a transcendent experience with unlimited changes and advancement.

Our spiritual existence always remains an impenetrable mystery. Yet this mystery is as it were painted on the vast canvas of the universe.

When we realize not just as a mental concept, but truly in your heart, that we are the self-manifestation of the spiritual self, the whole of life becomes a thrilling, transcendent experience.