How Calgary reduce the crime rate

The lions and the tigers might be heading to jail

If you commit a crime in Calgary your jail cell mate might be a roaring lion.

A massive evacuation continues to play out in Calgary, where flood waters have forced about 100,000 people from their homes and left the city’s core a virtual wasteland. Mayor Naheed Nenshi has asked residents to avoid all unnecessary travel, but there is one trip city officials may need to make.

As part of the intense evacuation, some of the Calgary Zoo’s largest animals could be moved to a new home – in jail cells at the courthouse. The Calgary Herald reports that emergency management and zoo officials considered moving the city’s four lions, six tigers and two snow leopards to the courthouse. By afternoon, the big cats were still contained at the zoo.

A Facebook post did say, however, that several animals were relocated from the zoo for safety reasons. Two zebras were taken to the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre. Two pot-bellied pigs were reportedly taken to an animal shelter and gorillas were being kept to the highest areas of their enclosure.

Zoo Evacuation