From 1969 to a new Outlook on the Future

the dragon papers

Easter 1969, the hotel Martinique right across Macy’s in midtown New York City quite obviously had seen better days. This is where I met the first Scientology Clear, John McMasters. John not only was the first Clear, he was also one of the top auditors, trained directly by L. Ron Hubbard, who traveled the world introducing people to Scientology. His lectures had great success and my meeting him distinctly contributed to my immediate enthusiasm for Dianetics and Scientolgy.

I did not have the slightest idea that only a few months later McMasters would leave Scientology to endorse a new movement that was founded by the former Scientologist Jack Horner. Hubbard resented this and labeled him a Suppressive Person.

As far as I know McMasters never made any negative statements concerning L. Ron Hubbard; however, he felt that his spiritual search had reached an endpoint within Scientology. Then as today, the…

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