Wolfgang Keller – Class VIII

Moving On Up a Little Higher

Hello Friends!

Here I am! I know and I apologize; I know I should have informed you much earlier about my whereabouts and future plans!

Eight months ago, I realized that I could no longer continue to support the out-tech and off-policy actions of the “Church of Scientology.” I have been working since to create an independent practice where I can deliver standard tech as LRH intended it to be delivered.

This has been an interesting, but likewise challenging time for me. It all started with my finally awakening and confronting of our situation with the Church of Scientology. And I am saying “our” on purpose because it is not, as I had been thinking for over five years, it is not only my own dilemma. My previous self-centeredness may serve as an excuse for not having stood up much earlier. Because of my realization, however, that I was misled…

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2 comments on “Wolfgang Keller – Class VIII

  1. . . .
    I can not accept this “Here I am! I know and I apologize;”
    WHERE have you been the past 38 years ?
    How do you explain your com-lag – when you KNOW, that a com-lag is the fast way to determine the level of sanity of a being.
    When I joined Sci in Munich in 1975 – I could already observe almost ALL of the outpoints you describe 37 years later in your 2012-blog ?
    And at that time I was searching ALL over the Sci-world for competent technical help – but there was only silence . . .
    So I decided to do the clean-up myself – and THAT was the reason to become a professional wordclearer – to begin with !
    If it is true, that you joined Sci in 1969 – you where present – when LRH was jailed in New York in December 1972, and disappeared mysteriously . . . ?
    Did you meet & see LRH ever since ?
    Did you know OT VII Harold E. Puthoff had signed a secret contract with the CIA just two month before, in October 1972 – to secretely squirrel around the “exteriorisation” high-tech at Stanford Research Institute – to misuse Scientology ever since for secret US-Army operations ?
    WHERE have you been the past 41 years ?

    • Dear Mr. Swifterman,

      Where have I been for the past 41 years? I have been auditing and helping people advance to go Clear and beyond.
      When earlier independent groups were met by fierce opposition, there no longer is the need for anonymity, but rather there is the need for an open commitment to keep LRH’s legacy alive and available in its pure and unadulterated form. Among others, this does require exact training, ethical application and the coordinated efforts of auditor, C/S and Qual.
      I now see ourselves in the position to deliver standard tech outside the Church of Scientology and I feel that there is a great demand for it.
      ARC, Wolfgang Keller

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