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caterina-ethierAre we attracting what we want in life? Do you know what you want? Individuals often do not take the time to focus on abundance. So often they really focus on the next material thing like the bigger car or the bigger house. More money , more toys and more stuff. Or  some individuals focus on less. Less work or less weight. As the individuals work on improving themselves they eventually find themselves able to attract their wants and needs as a living magnet. It is more important than ever to actually define what you want in order to attract the right crowd and energize your environment. And again it has come the time to learn from the lessons in the past, re-define more clearly our goals to truly reconnect with the fine spiritual dimensions.

More than anything Pierre’s work has been about helping people to shift to thriving, from just surviving. Not all challenges can be overcome with knowledge alone as sometimes individuals need help when the going gets tough.

Also, personal support, guidance and counseling is about more than overcoming challenges. For many it is about making the shift from good to great. This is why after refining his goals, Pierre has stated to carefully rebuilding his communication network and associations. The aim  is to focus into helping the able to become more able.

This is why Pierre has shifted his approach in development of personal and business networks to balance accountability, learning , planned actions based on careful examinations and screening  with the expectation of positive life reflection. Pierre has build resilience while dealing with all inherited challenges in the field . He wish no part of any venture promoting and favoring insanity and evil doing.

Is Shelly Miscavige missing?

Shelly Miscavige is the wife of David Miscavige. It seems that she has not been seen for the last six years. A defector allegedly has stated that she is being held a prisoner on a Scientology property where she is guarded, and interrogated, day and night.


In Response to EVIL – another story of abuse

Catherine Ethier

Open letter by Catherine Ethier

My husband, Pierre Ethier was for 20 years Sea Org staff working at almost no pay as a Scientology Counselor . He has been the auditor to many Celebrities. There are over 5000 people in his counseling list and he had achieved the top training levels at the Church of Scientology. For 20 years my husband was working 110 hours a week as a slave at almost no pay while the Church of Scientology was profiting from his services at the rate of $1000 per hour from parishioners.  Pierre was dedicated into kindness and helping people.

My husband left the Church of Scientology after he was coerced to provide loans to parishioners for services at the Church of Scientology and coerced otherwise to  provide money directly to the Church of Scientology. Those  were funds needed for his medical treatment and funds vital for a necessary follow up surgery after an accident.

While on staff at the Church my husband  was in an accident that caused him a severe injury. He was hit by a drunk taxi driver . My husband spent many days in coma , his leg was ripped apart and surgically reconstructed. He was told he will never walk again. He walked but the loans he generously gave to  the Church parishioners for their own spiritual benefit to purchase services at the Church of Scientology were never repaid. There were no money left for his medical treatment , he could not afford to pay for a required follow up surgery and this resulted in a DISABILITY FOR LIFE. For his kindness my husband had to cope with disability for life and was consistently ridiculed by associates of the Church, their allies and the manipulated by them crowds. There were numerous character assassination attacks on my husband which were carried out maliciously by publishing defamatory libelous  matters without lawful justification or excuse and only meant to injure the reputation of my husband and my family by exposing us to hatred, contempt and ridicule that was designed to insult us. This is criminal!

Also while working as a staff in the Church my husband sustained injuries and severe life threatening conditions. The last one I personally witnessed was treated by Dr. Minkoff ( also involved in the Lisa McPherson‘s case). My husband was instructed by the MLO ( The Medical Officer at the Church) that the Church is not maintaining workers compensation insurance for their own employees and will not cover the treatment needed even if he was going to die. Workers compensation coverage for employees is mandatory regulatory requirement to cover employee treatment for injuries on the job. We have kept silent about this kind of abuse for many years now just to be abused even more by what appears to be people manipulated by the Church of Scientology or ruthless corrupt individuals who have inherited the poisoned culture from that environment. 

My husband came out of  the Church of Scientology broke and with disability! ( In actual fact I took him out of the Church of Scientology!) He never begged for money like some of the abusers dedicated to insult him. He did not beg for money even if he desperately needed funds for his medical surgery. In retrospect I recall one of our constant and very vocal abusers  begging for donations for legal expenses to get out of trouble generated by mischief and crime. Another shameless group of  evil abusers wanted to profit from getting the home of  my disabled child and leaving us homeless. This out of EVIL and GREED. Not only that Pierre did not beg for money, but he has many times reached the unexpected , he is productive , active and generously donates time and efforts for betterment of others.

In addition there were constant attacks to our marriage. Recently a  marriage wrecker  again made a lot of noise promoting the Church of Scientology enemy line: “Pierre, some advice. Lose the crazy bi*ch …”   Along with the smearing of my disabled child wolfs in sheep`s clothing have partnered  into what has become a professional home and marriage wrecking. This EVIL  line sounds very familiar because in actual fact it closely resembles the line of Barbro Wennberg . Barbro Wennberg is a staff at the Church of Scientology who aimed to split our family writing on my husband’s folder an order: “dump the bi*ch”. Let me tell you more about Barbro. Barbro was for  two days caretaker of Lisa McPherson. Along with others she  kept Lisa  confined in a hotel room and  did not take her to the hospital ( Link1  , Link2 , Link 3Link 4) when needed. Lisa McPherson as you all know died.

Preaching family destruction is EVIL! Promoting family disconnection is EVIL! It takes some real EVIL to split a family.

There has been a continuous internet drama generated by few unbalanced individuals for many years now who were trying hard to enforce  the Church of Scientology enemy lines  with fabricated postings (which were often fraudulently contributed to me) ,  “snippets”, other exerts out of context , “telepathic mind reading” realizations, alterations, misrepresentations, doctored offensive images, name calling and other assertions that are only their own abusive fabrications, fraudulent impersonations and delusions. I have kept silent about this EVIL. There were also individuals who fraudulently were claiming to know me and my husband and to speak on our behalf in order to instigate conflicts or boost their own self promotion with misrepresentations. Be aware that nothing of this fraudulent propaganda targeted to victimize us it to be believed. 

I have been frequently fraudulently copied/pasted in hostile write ups and monologues when the authors generated wild rumors which shall not be believed.  This generated hatred is primary distorted within the lenses of the authors own fabrications coupled with lots of DRAMA ! I get more attention than many celebrities in their respective fields. I get more attention than the Church because the Church is to big of a spoon for their mouths. Seems that some are very upset that the Church agents are unwelcome to my site but naturally they can feel free to entertain them on theirs.

Now that I spoke out , the wolfs in sheep`s clothing will be the more vocal and will make another drama, fabricate some more untrue statements , abuse me and my family some more. That is all they are about. Make no mistake.

The good people will now understand that they have been manipulated into repeating the Church of Scientology agenda and will find out that the animosity serves no purpose.

I have come to forgive you for what you have done to me , to my child and to my family.

I wish you well.

Catherine Ethier


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Product Strategist to Fortune 50 Companies Dedicates Life to Helping Kids With Book on Autism

Voices of Autism

New Hope for Autism - 15 Successful Strategies Moms Don't Know by Craig KendallFor more than two decades, Albert Fitzgerald was the secret weapon behind the scenes of Fortune 50 Companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Cisco. Fitzgerald has now said goodbye to the corporate world by unveiling his latest book/CD release “New Hope for Autism – 15 Successful Strategies Moms Don’t Know” to help kids and empower moms with loved ones on the autism spectrum.

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“And I am strong enough to carry myself and others, even when they can’t carry themselves.”

“My father spent his years fighting his size, wishing he was smaller, weaker, less of a giant. He was taught to hate his body, and he was ashamed of the amount of space he took up. But he passed his strength to me, and I won’t squander my inheritance. I will not let myself be diminished.

I am my father’s daughter. I too am a giant, built of strength and flesh. And I am strong enough to carry myself and others, even when they can’t carry themselves.





The Church of Scientology and their supporters seem to routinely  photoshop promo materials and other publications  meant to manipulate the public opinion. These questionable activities  have even expanded to an unique  brand of stalking by Church of Scientology associated paparazzi. One example that comes to my mind are the well known Squirrebusters following Ruthbun.

The promo materials of a recent event were doctored to make it look like there were more people in attendance and mislead the reader. The  Church of Scientology Portland celebrated the grand opening of their new home in the city’s historic downtown quarter.

Below are the pictures from the event.

The Church of Scientology Portland
This picture shows there are actually a line of trees behind the crowd where - in the Church's posted photo - a crowd of attendees had been doctored in

This picture shows there are actually a line of trees behind the crowd where – in the Church’s posted photo – a crowd of attendees had been doctored in

The other end of the crowd also seemed to have been photoshopped in as another attendee's pictures show more trees and an empty lot behind it

The other end of the crowd also seemed to have been photoshopped in as another attendee’s pictures show more trees and an empty lot behind it.

ScientologyThe crowd highlighted in red were those who were photoshopped in, left, and on the right, circled, what the reality was

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2323609/Church-Scientology-accused-photo-shopping-crowd-recent-event-Portland-make-like-people-there.html#ixzz2TAjQlBzX



Portland ha inaugurato l’ennesimo Obitorio Ideale con la eccezionale presenza del leader Massimo: David Miscavige.

Sono stati letteralemente bloccati quattro isolati attorno all’edificio per fare in modo che David Mischiappa facesse il suo discorso in santa pace e che non venisse disturbato da eventuali dissidenti.

La Polizia di Portland a sostegno delle forze di OSA ha contribuito a garantire la sicurezza.

Mark Bunker non si è comunque lasciato intimidire ed ha cercato di tenerci informati, mentre Tony Ortega tramite il suo Blog ci faceva conoscere come procedevano le cose.

Scoprirete nel video che vi proponiamo di seguito quanto è accaduto.

C’era anche Jeff Hawkins alla manifestazione che ci ha fornito un video, purtroppo senza audio… ma siamo riusciti a ricostruire tramite il labbiale alcune parole che il Leader Massimo ha pronunciato e le abbiamo inserite….

Anche un’altra persona all’event richiedeva un Comitato di Evidenza per Miscavige…

Comm Ev DM photoNon è riuscito ad…

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Blast from the past


Pierre Ethier in the Sea Org around 1982.

Having discovered Scientology in Montreal in early 1973, and experienced life altering changes in my introductory services, I decided to join staff full time, and put my studies indefinitely on hold.

The organization became prosperous and expanded by leaps and bounds, thanks to an FEBC trained Executive Director and to my effective activities running Division 6 (New Public into the org).

The organization eventually moved to the main street, a mere one block away from what was the busiest intersection in the country.

I was made in charge of Davison 1 (HCO) supervising Communication and “Ethics” and doing recruitment myself.

In just over 6 months, the organization more than doubled in size and personnel. The best staff were hired during that period. In 1992, I felt a great sense of pride when I discovered than the entire Senior Executive structure and the 6 oldest staff members in Montreal org were all people that I had either personally hired or introduced to Scientology in the 1970s.

I eventually fell out of favour with the Executives running Montreal org in 1975, and it was agreed that I would complete my 2 1/2 year contract working under the Executive Director in Quebec City (a 4 hour drive from Montreal), in exchange for one of their staff who wanted to be transferred.

The Executive Director made me his assistant, and essentially allowed me the full run of the Org, merely filling in reports and acting as the contact person with the Flag Liaison office, so that he could pursue other activities and training.

I had a “different understanding” of Ethics than my Superiors at Montreal and those at the Flag Liaison office wanted.

To them, Ethics was “Harsh”, absolutely punitive and degrading in its application, and you had to go through Hell to get through it. Ethics to them was something meant to be as unpleasant as an amputation performed without anaesthetics.

I differed in that viewpoint (and still do), in that Ethics was merely a tool to get the job done and the application of Ethics should be an activity where “Everybody Wins”.

Degradation, torments and humiliation seem in my eyes to be merely relics belonging to Medieval History and are largely Whole-Track Dramatizations, not a component of a Science of Life that boasts to be on par with the man’s Highest Technological Achievements. In my Technical view someone who thinks and act like Ethics is something savage, harsh, unreasonable and even cruel, not only demonstrate a clear need to have his Evil Purposes (and Rockslams) on the subject of Help addressed, but is a serious candidate for receiving a GF40 (earlier practices assessment), as he is clearly confused between some earlier humanoid practices and that of Scientology.

Looking back at it, Quebec City of the 1970s is one of the few places in Scientology where Ethics was applied in a Benign and Benevolent Manner.

The result: High Stats and Morale. No blows, no cries, no grief. Staff so happy being there that each and everyone instinctively disseminates and recruits whenever he steps out of the org for an errand, a meal or taking the bus. Staff not fighting with each other to “get their own stat up”, but sincerely cooperating one with the other with their foremost interest being expanding the Org and the broad Dissemination of Scientology. Almost no more PTS Type A situations to handle as entire families are on lines getting Services and drilling each others. Body routers were frequently being recalled from passing hand outs on the street, because unexpected high inflows of interested public would just walk in. The Number of Well Done Auditing Hours in the Staff HGC was competing with those from the Public HGC…


Pierre Ethier in the Sea Org around 1982.

Coming soon : Seminars about Scientology in the Free Field Q&A with Pierre Ethier , Class XII


Skype ID : CommChannel

We are preparing Skype Seminars about “Scientology in the Free Field Q&A with Pierre Ethier, Class XII”.

For pre-registration and submission of interesting topics and questions please contact our relationship management coordinator at class_xii@hotmail.com with SEMINAR on the subject line. Limited number of participants. There is NO CHARGE for participants. Seminars are delivered in French and English.

Skype ID: “CommChannel” an advanced spiritual guidance network for people who are dedicated to spiritual advancement and improvement.

The group is facilitated by Pierre Ethier – a Scientology Class XII auditor who over 4 decades has been providing advanced Spiritual Counselling to people seeking to become more able by strictly applying what has been demonstrated to work and helps people attain self-fulfillment to lead more successful and happier lives. As people go closer to the Advanced Spiritual levels and find increased joy in life, their lives are affected for the better.

The Advanced Scientology Rundowns are based on an important breakthrough research and understanding in the field spirituality and the mind. The Advanced Scientology Rundowns can be a beautiful experience of massive increases in affinity for others. The Advanced Scientology Rundowns address every dynamic and go deeper into the case level resolving hesitations, evil purposes, address the main areas of irrationality that introvert a being or lesser his/her power. The receiving the Advanced Rundowns lead in easing aberrations and also can lead to a new life and a new viewpoint of spiritual and mental rationality. One can eliminate fundamental aberrations and can increase certainty, stability and control, even in the face of the worse adversity.

Pierre Ethier is an applied Scientology auditor who, among other rundowns, mastered the famous “ Ls “ Rundowns in their powerful original. For over a decade Pierre Ethier was acknowledged as the best auditor on the Planet and he was recipient of the Top Auditor of the Year Award every single year. Pierre studied and delivered numerous of the so called Flag Only Rundowns, including the Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive , address variety of handlings like spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other.


Eröffnung des neuen Training Zentrums

Der Treffpunkt

Eröffnung des neuen Training Zentrums
„Lehre vom Wissen“
in Offenbach/Main

Eroeffnung - 5

Die Eröffnungsparty am 27.04.2013 war ein überwältigender Erfolg für uns. Mit 36 Gästen war der neue Kursraum mit einer solchen Menge an Theta gefüllt wie ich es noch auf keiner ähnlichen Veranstaltung erlebt habe.

Eroeffnung - 1
Scientologen, welche sich teilweise über 15 Jahre nicht mehr gesehen hatten, waren in einem wahren Kommunikationsrausch.

Eroeffnung - 2
Wir hatten Gäste aus halb Deutschland und ein paar Freunde, die auf Ron‘s Org und anderen Linien sind, waren auch dabei. Und obschon wir von einander völlig unabhängige Gruppen sind, gab es keinerlei Konkurrenzdenken, was wie ich finde, ein wichtiger Bestandteil ist, um auf diesem Planeten etwas zu erreichen. (Dieses Thema kann wunderbar als Diskussionsgrundlage bei den Kommentaren dienen.)

Unser Zentrum liefert Auditing bis Clear und die Ausbildung zum Auditor, einschließlich dem Solo-Kurs. Wir verwenden die Kursmaterialien aus der Zeit vor dem angeblichen “goldenen Zeitalter der Technologie”.

Eroeffnung - 4
Wir, die Mitarbeiter…

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Happy Orthodox Easter

HPIM2004Orthodox Christians celebrate Pascha according to the Easter date in the Julian calendar. Pascha is the most important event in the church calendar in the Orthodox Church. Many Orthodox Christians attend church liturgies during the Holy Week that leads up to Easter Sunday. The Easter Sunday church liturgy is joyous as it celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection, as told in the Christian bible.

The period before Easter, known as Lent, is also a time of strict fasting. Orthodox Christians observe this fasting ritual before celebrating Easter Sunday with a feast, where meat and dairy products can be eaten again. Another tr

adition observed in Orthodox Christian churches is the blessing of food baskets. The baskets are usually filled with bread, cheese, meat, eggs, butter, salt, and other types of food used for Paschal celebrations.

One of the most common questions Orthodox Christians are asked is, why Orthodox Christians don’t celebrate Easter/Holy Pascha with everyone else?



Often, those asking are Orthodox Christians who know that some years we do have the same Easter observance, others we don’t, so why don’t we celebrate the feast of feasts of the Christian year with other Christians?

The answer to the question is found in two areas of human life that are among the least popular — mathematics and history.
Clearly, for both Western and Eastern Orthodox Christians, the date of the feast differs from year to year. That’s because we use a different calculus for determining the date. So here is where most people say, “OK, I get it, you differ, I guess you have your reasons.” But those who are not math-phobic press on to ask why we have a different calculus, and how the calculus is different for East and West.

These names, dates and events are not quite in a galaxy far, far away, but to many it seems that way. Quartodecimians, Nicea I, Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Rome, Athanasius, Constantine, 325, for starters, only serve to either glaze over the eyes or scramble the brain. Unless some of those names and dates bring out the response, “That was in ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ “ Dan Brown’s novel is not a reliable or recommended source for this question.HPIM2006 The best place to start is with what Christians have in common when it comes to Easter/Holy Pascha, which puts the difference in the date of the celebration in its proper perspective. All of us celebrate on a Sunday, the first day of the week, since that is when the gospels tell us Christ rose from the dead. This itself was a disputed issue resolved at the First Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

The alternative was a date that occurred on a different day every year, and that day was the date of Passover according to the lunar calendar followed by the Jewish people at the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Subsequent modifications to the Jewish calendar resulted in the Council of Nicea decreeing that the calculation of the date of Pascha and of Passover were independent of each other. Sunday is the day on which the resurrection occurred, and as the first day it is understood by Christians as the beginning of the New Creation, the day without end, the eighth day.

But the issue remained, how to calculate which Sunday, a task given to the Church in Alexandria, which was renowned for its astronomers. The astronomers of Alexandria came up with a table of cycles of 19 years upon which the date of Pascha was determined, factoring in the full moon after the vernal equinox. Those dates were calculated according to the Julian calendar used at the time. Later, the West adopted a table of cycles that had 84 years.

While all the Christian world initially shared one calendar and shared one date for the celebration, the change to the Gregorian calendar in the West in the late 16th century, and the continuing use of the Julian calendar in the East, resulted in an initial difference of 11 days between the two, a difference which is now 13 days. Further complicating this was the date on which the vernal equinox was established in the Alexandrian table, a fixed date that was recognized as inaccurate on a yearly basis, but established as a base line for calculations.

The decisions made at the Council of Nicea in 325 were made to guarantee a universal celebration of the greatest feast on the Christian calendar by all Christians. This goal is recognized today as one we need to recover. Steps in that direction were taken in 1997 at a meeting of representatives of the Christian Churches held in Aleppo, Syria.
Further discussions have been broached between the Roman Catholic Church and the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This year, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, covering most of the Holy Land, Cyprus and Jordan, will celebrate with their Orthodox brethren, and have requested papal approval to do this permanently.

More than any text or meeting, this provides a common witness and a great hope that all — Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians of all denominations — can celebrate the cause of our hope and the foundation of our faith together, with at least some of the unity for which Christ prayed before His arrest: that all may be one.

In eine neue Zukunft

Die Drachenaufzeichnungen

2012 wurde mir klar, dass ich nicht länger die Out-Tech und Off-Policy-Aktionen der “Scientology-Kirche” unterstützen konnte. Ich habe seitdem daran gearbeitet, eine unabhängige Praxis aufzubauen, in der ich Standard-Tech in der Weise liefern kann, wie sie von LRH beabsichtigt wurde.

Das waren für mich interessante, aber gleichermaßen herausfordernde Zeiten. Es fing alles damit an, dass ich endlich aufwachte und unsere Situation mit der “Scientology-Kirche” konfrontierte. Ich sage mit Absicht “unsere,” weil es nicht, wie ich jahrelang geglaubt hatte, nur mein eigenes Dilemma ist. Mein früherer Selbstbezug mag als Entschuldigung dafür dienen, dass ich nicht schon viel früher etwas unternommen habe. Wegen meiner Erkenntnis aber, dass ich durch Betrachten von Anscheinendem, nicht aber der existierenden Realität, irregeführt wurde, habe ich mich jetzt entschlossen, in wirksamer Weise zu handeln.

Meine Einführung in die Scientology

Es war Ostern 1969 in New York, als ich meine erste Bekanntschaft mit Scientology machte; ja, John McMasters…

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Into a New Future

the dragon papers

In 2012, I realized that I could no longer continue to support the out-tech and off-policy actions of the “Church of Scientology.” I have been working since to create an independent practice where I can deliver standard tech as LRH intended it to be delivered.

This has been an interesting, but likewise challenging time for me. It all started with my finally awakening and confronting of our situation with the Church of Scientology. And I am saying “our” on purpose because it is not, as I had been thinking for many years, only my own dilemma. My previous being self-centered may serve as an excuse for not having stood up much earlier. Because of my realization, however, that I was misled by observing an appearance, rather than the reality, I now decided to act in a decisive manner.

My introduction to Scientology

It was Easter 1969 in New York City…

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Von 1969 mit einem Ausblick auf die Zukunft

Die Drachenaufzeichnungen

Ostern 1969, das Hotel Martinique gegenüber von Macy’s im Zentrum von New York hatte ganz offensichtlich bessere Tage erlebt. Es war dort, wo ich auf den ersten Clear, John McMasters, stieß. John McMasters war nicht nur der erste Clear, sondern auch einer der besten von L. Ron Hubbard selber ausgebildeten Auditoren. Er reiste um die Welt, um Einführungsvorträge für Scientology zu halten, die sich großer Beliebtheit erfreuten. Diese Begegnung mit McMasters trug entscheidend zu meiner Begeisterung für Dianetics und Scientology bei.

Damals hatte ich nicht die leiseste Ahnung, dass nur wenige Monate später McMasters Scientology verlassen würde, um einer neuen Bewegung, die von dem ehemaligen Scientologen Jack Horner gegründet wurde, seine Aufmerksamkeit zu widmen. Hubbard nahm ihm das sehr übel und ließ ihn zur unterdrückerischen Person deklarieren.

Soweit mir bekannt ist, hat sich McMasters niemals negativ über Hubbard geäußert; er glaubte jedoch, auf seiner Suche nach spirituellem Vorankommen bei Scientology…

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From 1969 to a new Outlook on the Future

the dragon papers

Easter 1969, the hotel Martinique right across Macy’s in midtown New York City quite obviously had seen better days. This is where I met the first Scientology Clear, John McMasters. John not only was the first Clear, he was also one of the top auditors, trained directly by L. Ron Hubbard, who traveled the world introducing people to Scientology. His lectures had great success and my meeting him distinctly contributed to my immediate enthusiasm for Dianetics and Scientolgy.

I did not have the slightest idea that only a few months later McMasters would leave Scientology to endorse a new movement that was founded by the former Scientologist Jack Horner. Hubbard resented this and labeled him a Suppressive Person.

As far as I know McMasters never made any negative statements concerning L. Ron Hubbard; however, he felt that his spiritual search had reached an endpoint within Scientology. Then as today, the…

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Constantly changing communication protocols in 21st century


Technology is changing how we communicate in our daily lives. The technical advancements vigorously influenced communication etiquette and lead to establishing of new rules. It caused a clash between our retro habits and the rapidly changing personal environment surrounding us.

So when interacting with others keep  in mind in mind to never jump to conclusions and create assumptions when it comes to unpublished communication protocols related to communication technology , speed of confirmation and response , as well as a time frame. A decade ago, faxing was standard, ICQ was a marvel and people thought call-waiting was rude. Today, we text at meetings, find phone calls intrusive and send e-mails to the guy in the next cubicle. As communications technology rapidly advances, social protocols can barely keep up.

E-mail occupies that space between the formality of a letter and the breeziness of a text message. There is certain expectation of privacy when communicating via emails and the public distribution and forwarding of private emails to others often leaves the taste of bitterness  and betrayal of trust. It is fair and wise to confirm with the originator if the email can be published or forwarded if you want to build a positive and constructive relationship flowing power of the two way communication.

Social media have much more relaxing restrictions and even most businesses now have Facebook pages. The professionalism approaching other must still reign. Consider LinkedIn connections like business cards; some will be useful, others you’ll forget. Google yourself once a month just to be sure “what happened in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”. Be aware about hate pages where failures express their own frustrations about others success just like the Boston Marathon bombers.

In a world where everyone is Google-able and smartphones can exchange info by touching, most people still find it useful in exchanging  business cards. Keep your card simple and  use your card wisely. Don’t clutter your card with every address, number, online profile, blog and website you have. Just the basics. The rest is online.

Chances are, these days you’ll get the quickest response to an e-mail or text message but to create more personable relationship always use the phone. Voice communication if useful to clear mis-communications based on the wrong assumptions. Never jump to conclusions about the state of mind of another person without personal confirmation. Research shows that voice spending on phone plans is on the decline, while text spending is up. But audible communication can still win out on efficiency, especially when dealing with multiple, complex or very personal matters. Voice is also good for discerning tone when emoticons don’t cut it. Sometimes If you must call it may be wise to send a warning e-mail and ask if it’s a good time to talk scheduling a conference call.

Face to face meetings are inevitable, and are especially important with clients. People still find it disrespectful if can’t stop tapping on your phone.

Unless you’re serving legal documents, faxing is practically offensive in its antiquity. It’s too uncertain where a document ended up and who else read it. However once serving legal documents by email should be considered stalking and not serious. According to the local police if a legal document is not send in the mail then it is highly questionable. If you must fax , check via email or phone if it was received.

Though texting and messaging offer speed, ease and the ability to get straight to the point, they often don’t offer a record of correspondence that comes with e-mail, and can feel too informal for business communication.  Keep in mind, though, that 90% of people under 30 will respond to a text message within an hour.

The use of letters beyond supermarket flyers, court  and legal documents, the odd passport application or bank statement, it’s all gone digital.

Voice mail is being driven into obsolescence by caller ID and text-based interaction. Recent research found that 20% of people rarely retrieve their messages. Until it completely disappears from the workplace, however, keep in mind that voice messages left on a cellphone are even less likely to be heard. No one wants to dial in just to hear “Hey, call me back.” Caller ID may be just enough. If you must leave a message, never natter on for longer than 30 seconds.

Source: https://pierreethier.wordpress.com

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Personal self and your business style

Dressing for the office sometimes takes quite a  thought and personal spiritual expression. Your style often can be personally empowering  and generates positive respectful connections in the group dynamic.

The personal lifestyles and personalities dictate the different ways of spiritual expression, influence  perceptions and business image  . To sort out what works for you, we recommend using the following flowchart to effortlessly discover your personal stylish expression in no time.


Wolfgang Keller – Class VIII

Moving On Up a Little Higher

Hello Friends!

Here I am! I know and I apologize; I know I should have informed you much earlier about my whereabouts and future plans!

Eight months ago, I realized that I could no longer continue to support the out-tech and off-policy actions of the “Church of Scientology.” I have been working since to create an independent practice where I can deliver standard tech as LRH intended it to be delivered.

This has been an interesting, but likewise challenging time for me. It all started with my finally awakening and confronting of our situation with the Church of Scientology. And I am saying “our” on purpose because it is not, as I had been thinking for over five years, it is not only my own dilemma. My previous self-centeredness may serve as an excuse for not having stood up much earlier. Because of my realization, however, that I was misled…

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