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  1. . . .
    The German KiGGS-study with 17.642 children and 1.500 questions each between 2003 and 2006 has revealed that children without vaccination are healthier than those who were vaccinated . . .
    That is why big pharma & your government keeps this study and it’s results secret !
    Evidence you find here (in German):
    Evidence is growing, that the rise in ADD, ADHD, DMDD & Autism can be linked to vaccination and it’s side effects.
    Just search Google for “Autism linked to vaccination” and you will hit more than 43 million results . . .
    Big pharma means big money !
    That’s WHY they don’t tell you the truth !

  2. Thanks, Swifterman,
    Exactly precise per my estimates !! Any time the UN promotes something, it must be part of the agenda of the dark cabal (illuminati/New World Order) to make the average person more into a slave, and more passive, overwhelmed, confused, and stupid. The UN, I understand, is working for the dark cabal to promote their agendas. Don’t forget, the dark cabal want the population of earth reduced from 6 billion to 500 million; this they plan to do with war, environmental damage, dumbing down the population, weather anomalies, toxins, diseases, vaccination, etc., etc., etc. They are ultra-criminals.

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