Ls Rundowns – Vital Information

There is a lot of false data on the Ls and their delivery in the “Independent” field. This comes exclusively from untrained and unqualified auditors doing these rundowns using altered, forged and/or stolen materials, in addition to the fact they have over 50% missing. I tried to train a few people to deliver those rundowns, and tried, only for a short while to supervise their auditing. I divorced myself from each of those people, as soon as I realized they had betrayed my trust by mis-auditing those rundowns, refusing to do standard setups, getting repeated FLUNKS and being adamant they made no errors and refusing correction. There are 6 pending retrain orders among those people (all involving goofs at lower levels) that are still not complied with, because they each admitted, it would be detrimental to their income. Each of them provided me with criminal exchange.

I later found out that each of them had been guilty of false auditor reports. I have not been C/Sing any auditors on the Ls for many  years now. However, according to their dissatisfied pcs who keep coming forward, many claims were made that I was C/Sing their case when I wasn’t.

No need to name names as there are no exceptions as it applies to the Ls. My message to those individuals is: Shame on you, for spending much time promoting yourself on the Internet, while you ignore vital retrain orders and keep making the same mistakes. You need some ethics help first, per LRH, retraining or studying over personal unhandled out-ethics will result in no change and making the same flubs. Fortunately there are many Independents who state they offer Ethics Handlings.

The Ls rundowns based on thousands of cases seen by myself and those I have audited and information by Flag LRH trained Class XII C/Ses:

1- should be audited INTENSELY, meaning one session day at the very minimum, unless the pc is on a persistent F/N and undesirous of more auditing for the day. Auditing Ls at one session a week is a GROSS Violation of C/S Series 1 and the bulletins that explain the philosophy of those rundowns and what they seek to achieve. I have report of an auditor exactly doing that, apparently taking 6 months to a year on an L, meaning LIFE itself was the main process being run on the case, not the Ls. Seemingly those people are now happy. The question is for how long, as the C/S series clearly state that out-tech on a pc, even when the person may be rave about their attest, may be short lived or unstable, sometimes not. In each case, who can truly tell what wins the person receiving the out-tech auditing actually missed???

I have declined repeatedly to audit people on the Ls when it was impossible to deliver them intensively (meaning at least once, preferably more) those Ls either because of my schedule or the pcs. Unfortunately, less scrupulous individuals, are apparently still taking people hard earned money for that kind of delivery I repeatedly told them was wrong and out-tech. One of the auditors is a millionaire. I am not. I am not rich but I have been told that I have a heart of gold and my ultimate satisfaction it that I have helped people and did my best.

2- A plausible duration for L-11, where the pc had been honestly and fully set-up and done an in tech fashion is from a low 4 hours to a Maximum of 40 hours. Anyone run less than that (and sometimes even more) is QUICKIED. Anyone run over 40 hours was either NOT SET-UP, unnecessary optional rundowns (or those designed for another case and not the pc) were run, or there is significant OUT-TECH. By far the most likely is NOT SET-UP. If the PC is not properly set up, the PC will run then the PC will run endlessly.

Setups for the Ls are explicitly described in HCOB “Auditing and C/Sing Flag Only rundowns and a restricted checklist. The HCOB just mentioned has  NOT  been read by anyone delivering the Ls in the free field, because it is part of the Ls C/S materials only.

I have heard reports of people being run 100 hours or even 200 hours on L-11. Sometimes it comes from the pc himself, or from his/her published success story.

We have heard auditors charged for L-11  between $20,000 and $40,000 and taking in excess of 100 to 200 hours. WoW!!!  This is more than the Church charges. These poor saps have either literally money to burn or do so little research that they happily pay the Ferrari list price when buying a Geo or a Volkswagen. There were actual reports from PCs paying for a single L in excess of  $300 000. I am shocked by the arrogance of those “gold diggers”.  As to myself I have often attended the needs of dying and abandoned Scientologists at my own expense and spent countless hours assisting people.

3- A plausible duration for L-12, where the pc had been honestly and fully set-up and done an in tech fashion is from a low 10 hours to a Maximum of 50 hours. The same comments as I wrote for L-11 apply. Apparently there are people who have spent 100-200 hours on L-12, paying more than the Church own exorbitant prices. I heard of a person getting L-12 in one hour by an auditor… meaning 90% of the rundown could not have possibly been run.

4- L-10 is different than other Ls. It is a long rundown. It covers all dynamics and areas of life. A standardly run L-10 has a minimum of 2500 questions, with many others for handling items that come up. 25 hours is made of 1500 minutes. Spending only one minute per question means the auditor is zipping the rundown at supersonic speed and failing to restimulate the pc. This means the auditor has at his hands the full power of a 747 Jumbo jet and is satisfied with doing local pizza delivery and never getting off the ground.

L-10 duration can vary widely. On a non-clear, Dianetics R3r is run as part of the rundown. This can lengthen the rundown.

An badly trained auditor will often overrun handlings, since he does not have the skill to properly spot them. Instead of validating the EP of an Item when it occurs, he will run many additional (unnecessary) questions, extending unnecessary the rundown (and filling his pocket in the bargain). This can cause the earlier blown item to come back, resulting in instability or unaddressed aberration. It took months of Internships, videos and cramming accessing LRH C/Sed L-10 session to learn how to audit L-10 flublessly. Per C/S 52 and LRH conferences on the Flag Internship and on auditing the Ls, this is the only way an auditor can learn how to audit L-10 properly. Anything else is QUICKIE training and will result in Quickie L-10. This is what LRH says and my experience has shown him to be correct on that point.

Apparently some people don’t mind getting botched Ls (or out-tech/squirrel auditing). Rotten food may taste great, if you have never eaten anything but unflavoured liquid protein and vitamins, but don’t be surprised you get infected with E choli or worse…

Karen de la Carriere trained by LRH, multiple winner of the auditor of the year award at Flag and an authentic Flag Class XII C/S, has made several statements about the training and skills necessary to learns the Ls.

I agree with each of them 100%. Specifically she said:

“There is nothing in the field in current set ups that can even come near approximating Ls training. Each internship takes MONTHS of 40 hour to 60 hours in the chair of flawless VWD sessions for graduation to be approved. But the pc is the beneficiary and is now in safe hands. The safety and guaranteed stability of the pc is the primary importance here. To hell with any other consideration than the PC and the PC’s benefit.” Karen

I could not have said it better myself.

Written by Pierre Ethier

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4 comments on “Ls Rundowns – Vital Information

  1. It seems as though the L’s rundowns are doomed to be lost if a solution to the above is not found.

    I have seen a couple of failed L’s cases out of Flag. They were not happy campers. Apparently delivery there is not a guarantee of success either. I have spoken to people that paid in excess of 200k for L’s at Flag. An appalling amount of money.

    With so few people remaining that know how to deliver these rundowns, how is this tech to be retained?

    • Good question Ann Howe / Tim Swanson,
      The following threats came from a well known FZer who wants to Suppress the standard tech in favor of the corrupt practices of her auditor: “I will forward all of your emails to the Church of Scientology and ask them to take action.” .. or.. “…..I have half a mind to inform the Church of Scientology you are out here….” Is this the way to KSW in the FreeZone? To work hard and threaten to report Pierre to the Church of Scientology and do everything possible to suppress the Standard Processing on the Ls? The threats were particularly directed to Pierre’s attempt to train her and your auditor on the Ls. Despite the threats and her evil intentions her auditor did post a glorifying “success story” for L11 completion. Where is her success – she was fed with evil intentions by her/ your auditor! This is a sad state of being produced by a corrupt and greedy individual.

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