RIP Denise Byrne


The service for Denise will be held on Thursday May 2nd, at 3:30pm. Afterward there will be a small reception next door at a Houselink building. The address of the funeral home is below.

For anyone unable to attend the service, the chapel will allow guests to pay respects between 2:30pm and 3:00pm the same day.

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Houselink staff and support workers for helping to arrange this service. My sister and I have been shaken by our loss and the Houselink staff have been with us every step along the way.


Trull Funeral Home
1111 Danforth Avenue
Toronto ON M4J 1M5



Updates in the conference site:

What: A gathering of like-minded individuals that care about the legacy of L Ron Hubbard and want to ensure that the materials he developed to help mankind are not lost to the evil men that believe themselves control the materials and seek to monopolize the tech.

Purpose: To brainstorm and inspire each other to be creative in bringing about Ron’s dream of a free planet where the depraved desires of a few cannot stop freedom us all. We wish to be generative of ideas and energy to make it safe to practice Independent or Protestant Scientology in the field, To make it possible to be free of harassment and suppression. Other than these items the conference is free of agenda and is largely created by the participants.We will get out of  it what we bring to it.

Location: Portland , US ( please email to  for details)





To attend or request more information about this event send email to or consult
Costs: We are attempting to cover costs to hold the conference in this magnificent facility – we are attempting to hold costs per person to less than $300. This would include conference fees sleeping room (double occupancy) for Friday night and Saturday night.UPDATE:The conference fees are $275/per person with double occupancy for the rooms.
If you book the room in advance (before 12 noon) Friday there is a 10% discount.
So with discount two people is $495.00For those that should attend but may needed financial assistance to attend, we will try to make that possible as well.Tentative Schedule :Fri 4pm – 7:30pm Conference check-in explore the space
7:30 PM – Cocktail reception. Meet and greet.
9:00 PM — Opening session – Orentation
10:00 PM – 11:00 Show and tell.
Relaxed conversation and breaking the ice in the recreation area.Sat
7:AM – 9:AM Breakfast buffet
9:00 – 12:00 pm Our journeys through Scientology. Sharing a personal experiences in a group setting.
12:00 PM – 1: PM LUNCH
1:00 PM – 2:PM Q&A with Pierre Ethier,  Class XII Auditor.  ( conference call , dial in )
3:00 PM – 7:PM (Open — suggestions welcome)
7:00 DINNERSun:
7:00 AM Spiritual and recreation  activities.
Scientology related groups break off sessions.
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM BRUNCH
Skiing and other recreation activities.
4:00 PM END OFF – Return to PDX.To attend or request more information about this event send email to
Inquire about a conference bridge as a dial up on a (Skype) conference call may be available.

John McMaster – The First Clear

Audio files:…0is%20Love.mp3…%20Freedom.mp3…rizing%202.mp3…cation%202.mp3…282%29%202.mp3…iew%20KPFK.mp3…eators%203.mp3…0Processes.mp3

Video file  1.4 GB:…Master%201.mp4

Coming soon : Seminars about Scientology in the Free Field Q&A with Pierre Ethier , Class XII


Skype ID : CommChannel

We are preparing Skype Seminars about “Scientology in the Free Field Q&A with Pierre Ethier, Class XII”.

For pre-registration and submission of interesting topics and questions please contact our relationship management coordinator via contact us page. Limited number of participants.

Skype ID: “CommChannel” an advanced spiritual guidance network for people who are dedicated to spiritual advancement and improvement.

The group is facilitated by Pierre Ethier – a Scientology Class XII auditor who over 4 decades has been providing advanced Spiritual Counselling to people seeking to become more able by strictly applying what has been demonstrated to work and helps people attain self-fulfilment to lead more successful and happier lives. As people go closer to the Advanced Spiritual levels and find increased joy in life, their lives are affected for the better.

The Advanced Scientology Rundowns are based on an important breakthrough research and understanding in the field spirituality and the mind. The Advanced Scientology Rundowns can be a beautiful experience of massive increases in affinity for others. The Advanced Scientology Rundowns address every dynamic and go deeper into the case level resolving hesitations, evil purposes, address the main areas of irrationality that introvert a being or lesser his/her power. The receiving the Advanced Rundowns lead in easing aberrations and also can lead to a new life and a new viewpoint of spiritual and mental rationality. One can eliminate fundamental aberrations and can increase certainty, stability and control, even in the face of the worse adversity.

Pierre Ethier is an applied Scientology auditor who, among other rundowns, mastered the famous “ Ls “ Rundowns in their powerful original. For over a decade Pierre Ethier was acknowledged as the best auditor on the Planet and he was recipient of the Top Auditor of the Year Award every single year. Pierre studied and delivered numerous of the so called Flag Only Rundowns, including the Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive , address variety of handlings like spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other.

Dymaxion House – art and technology

The Dymoxion House is an extraordinary dwelling designed to be the strongest, lightest and most cost-effective housing ever built around 1946. The  remaining prototype is located in the Henry Ford museum across Ford Conference center in Dearborn , Michigan . The visionary and spiritually fulfilling architecture of R. Buckminster Fuller takes us thought “the house of the future.”Pierre-Ethier-Dymaxion-House

The 4-D Box

Dymaxion House prototype
Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House plan  uses prefabricated parts designed for easy shipment and assembly into modest-sized, single-family homes; though beyond that, the similarities dissolve. The Dymaxion House was round with a domed roof; the entire structure was suspended from a central mast anchored to a foundation. Cables spread from the central mast at the floor and ceiling levels like bicycle spokes supporting the building’s weight with tensile force rather than gravity. The exterior was clad in aluminum sheeting and never needed painting, like a durable silver onion.
At 1,100 square feet, the house was lighter, stronger, faster to assemble, and less expensive to manufacture or to own than a comparable conventional house. Fuller’s house weighed 3,000 pounds, 1/100th the weight of an ordinary house, and less than a mid-sized car. Structurally it was sound enough to withstand earthquakes or tornados that would level a normal house. Delivered in its own metal tube, it could be assembled in one day by six workers. Theoretically, it could also be disassembled, repacked, moved and reassembled, though in practice the process would have been inconvenient. The Dymaxion House was marketed for around the price of a luxury car—half the cost of a basic house.
dymaxion prototype #2
The round shape maximized interior space with a minimal amount of material. The floor plan included a living/dining room, kitchen, and two bedrooms with private baths. Energy- and water-efficient features included expansive windows for passive solar heating, a ventilation system for passive air conditioning, a gray-water system to reuse wastewater, a waterless “packaging toilet,” and a low-water “fogger” to replace the shower.

Dymaxion House floor plan

Dymaxion House floor plan
Fuller’s first drawings for the Dymaxion House appeared in his 1928 self-published manifesto 4D Time Lock. It was a speculative work of science, engineering, and spirituality that proposed reforms to what Fuller saw as the destructive inefficacies of modern industrial civilization.
At the most prosaic level, 4D is a proposal for a new type of small house that Fuller earnestly hoped would be embraced by the building trades, the financial industry, and the architectural profession… 4D is not really about houses, however; it is a spiritual meditation on time, the supramaterial fourth dimension of experience and the true measure of industrial society. 
Fuller sent his manifesto to leading scientists, planners, and industrialists of the day, hoping to find support for enacting his reforms on a large scale. At the time, he had little recognition within the architectural community. In fact, the AIA released a statement in 1928 that it was “inherently opposed to any peas-in-a-pod-like reproducible designs.”
Fuller would later claim that the statement was in direct response to the 4D house proposal. Whether that’s true isn’t certain, but it’s clear that Fuller’s plan broke with contemporary architectural dialects. In fact, prominent architects like Mies van der Rohe and Corbusier were already making extensive use of standardized industrial elements, but Fuller’s house plan went further in leaving behind familiar aesthetics of residential design. His vision was closer to the production of an automobile or an airplane than a durable building.
Corbusier wanted to make a “machine for living in” by using machine processes to achieve aesthetic results that would please the inhabitant. Fuller wanted a “machine for living,” a house that would function like a machine to improve the quality of the life of its inhabitants. (2)

Dymaxion House elevation by Fuller, 1927

The Dymaxion House first came to public attention through a display at Chicago’s Marshall Field Department Store in 1929. A public relations agent working on the display came up with the term “dymaxion,” combining syllables from dynamic, maximum, and tension, some of Fuller’s favorite words for the project. Fuller embraced the term and applied it to numerous projects throughout his career.

Fuller with Dymaxion House model, 1929

From the beginning, Fuller had wanted to put the Dymaxion House into mass production. But whatever interest the 4D manifesto or the Marshall Field display generated, it wasn’t until after World War II that he made progress towards manufacturing. Fuller saw the country’s military aircraft plants, facing slowdowns and shutdowns with the end of the war, as ideal facilities for manufacturing the aluminum Dymaxion House. He found interested investors and entered into a deal with Beech Aircraft to manufacture 250,000 houses per year. The house received attention in the press, and over 3,500 buyers placed orders by 1946.
Nonetheless, Fuller’s engineering acumen, visionary zeal, and big-picture efficiency weren’t enough to bring the house to the assembly line. Plans with Beech broke down over design and manufacturing details and the house never went into production. Maybe Fuller, for all his empiricism, wasn’t willing to compromise his vision for the technical production requirements. Maybe the house wasn’t really workable on an industrial scale. In any event, only two prototype Dymaxion houses were ever made. No one ever lived in the Dymaxion House as Fuller had envisioned it. The prototypes were eventually bought by one of the investors, who erected one as an addition to his family’s ranch style summer house, and kept the other one disassembled to use for replacement materials.

Dymaxion House prototype used as summer house addition

The family used the house until the 1970s, and eventually donated it to the Henry Ford Museum  in 1991. The Dymaxion House was painstakingly restored and has been on display at the museum since 2001, gleaming like a modern, industrial Faberge egg.
This final enshrinement at least dovetails with Fuller’s own ambition: he considered Ford’s assembly-line innovations to be one of the great achievements of the 20th century, and had included Ford on the short list of original recipients of the 4D Time Lock manifesto.

Dymaxion House at the Ford Museum.  © Werner Weiss,

Dymaxion House at the Ford Museum. © Werner Weiss,

Plovdiv Inspires: Contemporary Art meets Ancient Architecture


I am so very excited to share with you one of the many reasons for which I am always delighted to visit Plovdiv. Its creativity! This ancient city (by now you should know that Bulgaria has many) lives and breaths culture and the arts. A candidate for “European Capital of Culture 2019”, Plovdiv is a must-see if you are in desperate need of some inspiration in your life. In the article “|CON|Temporary Library Installation / Studio 8 ½” you can see and feel the deep love and passion with which creativity is regarded without disturbing and fully respecting the gifts of architectural treasures from cultures past. Follow the link for an example of what you might find while in town, if you know where to look.


P.S. Crave more? Our Resources on Bulgaria page is updated regularly & features lots of interesting & useful reads. Check it…

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About needless violence: 8-year-old Boy Waiting for his Father Killed in Boston Marathon Bombings

The 8-year-old boy killed in the explosions at the Boston Marathon has been identified as Martin Richard, The Boston Globe reported.


The boy was at the event to watch his father race, according to TV station WHDH.

Richard’s mother and 6-year-old sister were recovering in a hospital after suffering serious injuries, the TV station reported.It said the boy’s mother underwent surgery for an injury to her brain and his sister lost a leg in the explosion.

Overall, three people were killed and at least 144 were hospitalized after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the marathon on Monday afternoon. About 8 children severely injured.

No suspects have been identified in the case, which federal authorities are classifying as an act of terrorism.

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About compassion

The Los Angeles Dodgers had two visits to the City of Hope. It is something magical to see the smiles that they bring to these patients and feel the compassion in their eyes .  Patients and Visitors enjoyed meeting the players, having their pictures taken with them, and receiving their autographs.

From Left to Right: Blake DeWitt, Rudy Law, Stephen J. Forman, M.D., broadcaster Charley Steiner, Tommy Davis, Fernando Valenzuela, Michael A. Friedman M.D., Tommy Lasorda, Andre Ethier, Brad Ausmus and Hiroki Kuroda.

I love this picture taken in the teen music room! The man on the microphone is Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. As you can see, the guys were having a great time during their jam session.

Left to Right: Matt Kemp, Janet Clayton, Ken Landreaux, Delwyn Young and James McDonald



L. Ron Hubbard, and even Psychiatry define Insanity as an Idee Fixe that dominate an individual so much that they become unable to act or think except through that fixed idea.

Out of the OT X materials, CHARACTER, comes the following definition: “Insanity is the adoption of a Single Stable Datum, at the exclusion of all others”.

The dramatization of Evil purposes, especially when it is being directed at people, starts with an act of Cowardice: the individual is unable/ unwilling to face the true source of his/her inner conflicts and seeks to put the entire blame on a target they feel will be “popular” and easily agreed upon by those with similar mental problems.  This is well explained in the Policies on “Sources of Troubles”, where a small percentage of people will obsessively seek to lay the entirety of their problems on an individual, book or group. Years of experiences both in and outside the Church conclusively demonstrate that those who blame others for their own condition always greatly exaggerate things and were always suffering from the issues they complain about long before they came across what they now label as the source of their problems.  In the data series, a policy called, “the Why is God” clearly explains that the answer to solving one’s own problem lie within oneself, not in blaming someone else.

A Wise and old Judge that frequently appears on TV has repeatedly observed: “It is easier to confront Anger than Pain”. In other words, when people face some inner suffering, some will try to find an innocent scapegoat to blame every evil on, just like the Jews in the Bible would cast the totality of the Sins and crime of their entire people on a Goat that had until then minded its own business and then cast it out to die in the desert.

It is Evil to seek to harm people of good will!

In my case I have helped over 5000 people, if I count only those I have audited. If I count those I have C/Sed, FES, debugged and given life-saving advice, I get another 5000. I have done a lot of voluntary work and helped thousands of others. After I left the Church, I have worked in coordination with Law Enforcement agencies to help bring criminals and abusers to Justice. I was personally praised by the authorities for my work. There is a continuous stream of people coming to see me for help, either in a professional capacity in my areas of expertise where I hold professional certifications and in my quality as a trained auditor and Case Supervisor. I have helped well over 15,000 people directly or indirectly.

The church of Scientology is well known to use Agents, Stooges and Dupes to promote its pernicious agenda. This sad group of Individual uniformly consist of slow or no case gains (based on actual changes in their life and behavior rather than their own assertions), and who are dramatizing a dark aspect of their case in the misguided and absurd hope that if they succeeded in destroying their target, their problem would suddenly disappear.

Because those individuals commit continuous Present Time overts, including constant manufacturing of lies, cherry picking a few facts while throwing away all others and spreading their vitriol as widely as their meager intellect allow them; their perceptions sink to a very low level. They misinterpret facts and invent absurdities causing them to continuously DEAD-AGENT themselves: their worse PR enemies are themselves. By actual analysis less than 2 1/2% of people reading their drivel view it as anything else than something belonging in the trash can.

This means that 97 -1/2% of people exposed to their drivel correctly recognize it as such.

For 10 years now, my unchanging experience with both the Church of Scientology and its offshoots, including the FreeZONE is that the more desperate their attacks against me, the more theta traffic comes on my lines, the more requests to audit or C/S I receive and the busier I get. I would have to spend thousands of dollars to get the amount of free publicity that those misguided souls give me for free.

A friend of mine, jokingly stated that if thing continue that way, that I ought to consider paying them FSM commissions!

Just like it says in the Anti-Social Personality bulletin says: these people try to burn the House, they end up flooding it instead. In my case: they try to destroy my repute. They mistakenly think they succeed in their eyes, but only their small group of fanatical followers (people that are criminals and a long track of lying, stealing and abusing others) agree. I would never consider auditing any of these individuals. All others either ignore or recognize obvious lies for what they are.

My final message to the misguided souls above is:

1- COMMUNICATION IS THE UNIVERSAL SOLVENT. If you have an issue with me, use private DIALOGUE to sort it out. Those who keep complaining about me, have never sent me an email, (except for one sending them to dozens of people and using it for 3P). Dialogue means: Two way communication of a private nature, not an endless stream of attacks and bait and switch or sending dozens of people emails on a private matter or spreading 3P or hatred as widely as possible. Otherwise, all you do is demonstrate, out-TRs of your own.

2- Be compassionate: I am compassionate, even toward those who have spread the most horrific and heinous of lies toward me, recognizing they each were dramatizing an unhandled area of their case and were the product of reckless and incompetent auditing, and therefore in great need of help.

3- Realize that the more of what you view as harmful lies against me and my family you publicly state, the worse you end up looking in the eyes of over 97% of people. You actually end up damaging the repute of the Church (if you defend the Church) or the Freezone/Independents. You end up promoting me. I therefore thank you for increasing my popularity and my business, though, you may be unworthy of my gratitude.

4- Stop committing continuous PT Overts or you will end up worse than a pebble on a beach. Beware: this could start as early as next lifetime! You seem to have no idea whatsoever of what is addressed in OT X-XV and what you are making up your future to be. Are you truly certain of what to expect in the after-life? I know what to expect, I have been there after two near-death experiences at Flag.

Ignore my advice at your own peril If your intent is truly to harm me, then be prepared to eventually reach that unpleasant tone level called: TOTAL FAILURE.

Pierre Ethier

Autism Awareness Goes Global with Light It Up Blue (LIUB)

What is Light It Up Blue?

Light It Up Blue (LIUB) is a unique global initiative to help raise awareness about the growing public health concern that is autism.

Light it Up Blue was launched by Autism Speaks in 2010 in support of World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), which takes place on April 2. Iconic landmarks around the world Light It Up Blue in celebration of World Autism Awareness Day to show their support!

In 2012, Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue campaign continued to raise awareness worldwide. Nearly 3000 structures in over 600 cities, 45 countries and on 6 continents illuminated in blue to shine a bright light on autism.


1) The Vancouver Skyline lit up blue in 2012 with BC Place, Rogers Arena and Telus World of Science taking part in LIUB.
2) The Great Statue of Buddha at Hyogo, Kobe, Japan
3) Empire State Building, New York, USA

What is World Autism Awareness Day?

In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) with the goal of bringing the world’s attention to autism, a pervasive disorder that affects tens of millions globally.

WAAD shines a bright light on autism as a growing global health concern. WAAD activities help to increase and develop world knowledge of autism and impart information regarding the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention.

Support continues throughout the month of April in much of the world as it is also considered Autism Awareness Month.

On October 23, 2012, a World Autism Awareness Day bill was passed by members of the House of Commons in Canada. Bill S-206 officially recognizes April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day in Canada.

Liberal Senator Jim Munson remarked that “the passing of this bill demonstrates that Canadian lawmakers care about autism and autism awareness.”

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Ls Rundowns – Vital Information

There is a lot of false data on the Ls and their delivery in the “Independent” field. This comes exclusively from untrained and unqualified auditors doing these rundowns using altered, forged and/or stolen materials, in addition to the fact they have over 50% missing. I tried to train a few people to deliver those rundowns, and tried, only for a short while to supervise their auditing. I divorced myself from each of those people, as soon as I realized they had betrayed my trust by mis-auditing those rundowns, refusing to do standard setups, getting repeated FLUNKS and being adamant they made no errors and refusing correction. There are 6 pending retrain orders among those people (all involving goofs at lower levels) that are still not complied with, because they each admitted, it would be detrimental to their income. Each of them provided me with criminal exchange.

I later found out that each of them had been guilty of false auditor reports. I have not been C/Sing any auditors on the Ls for many  years now. However, according to their dissatisfied pcs who keep coming forward, many claims were made that I was C/Sing their case when I wasn’t.

No need to name names as there are no exceptions as it applies to the Ls. My message to those individuals is: Shame on you, for spending much time promoting yourself on the Internet, while you ignore vital retrain orders and keep making the same mistakes. You need some ethics help first, per LRH, retraining or studying over personal unhandled out-ethics will result in no change and making the same flubs. Fortunately there are many Independents who state they offer Ethics Handlings.

The Ls rundowns based on thousands of cases seen by myself and those I have audited and information by Flag LRH trained Class XII C/Ses:

1- should be audited INTENSELY, meaning one session day at the very minimum, unless the pc is on a persistent F/N and undesirous of more auditing for the day. Auditing Ls at one session a week is a GROSS Violation of C/S Series 1 and the bulletins that explain the philosophy of those rundowns and what they seek to achieve. I have report of an auditor exactly doing that, apparently taking 6 months to a year on an L, meaning LIFE itself was the main process being run on the case, not the Ls. Seemingly those people are now happy. The question is for how long, as the C/S series clearly state that out-tech on a pc, even when the person may be rave about their attest, may be short lived or unstable, sometimes not. In each case, who can truly tell what wins the person receiving the out-tech auditing actually missed???

I have declined repeatedly to audit people on the Ls when it was impossible to deliver them intensively (meaning at least once, preferably more) those Ls either because of my schedule or the pcs. Unfortunately, less scrupulous individuals, are apparently still taking people hard earned money for that kind of delivery I repeatedly told them was wrong and out-tech. One of the auditors is a millionaire. I am not. I am not rich but I have been told that I have a heart of gold and my ultimate satisfaction it that I have helped people and did my best.

2- A plausible duration for L-11, where the pc had been honestly and fully set-up and done an in tech fashion is from a low 4 hours to a Maximum of 40 hours. Anyone run less than that (and sometimes even more) is QUICKIED. Anyone run over 40 hours was either NOT SET-UP, unnecessary optional rundowns (or those designed for another case and not the pc) were run, or there is significant OUT-TECH. By far the most likely is NOT SET-UP. If the PC is not properly set up, the PC will run then the PC will run endlessly.

Setups for the Ls are explicitly described in HCOB “Auditing and C/Sing Flag Only rundowns and a restricted checklist. The HCOB just mentioned has  NOT  been read by anyone delivering the Ls in the free field, because it is part of the Ls C/S materials only.

I have heard reports of people being run 100 hours or even 200 hours on L-11. Sometimes it comes from the pc himself, or from his/her published success story.

We have heard auditors charged for L-11  between $20,000 and $40,000 and taking in excess of 100 to 200 hours. WoW!!!  This is more than the Church charges. These poor saps have either literally money to burn or do so little research that they happily pay the Ferrari list price when buying a Geo or a Volkswagen. There were actual reports from PCs paying for a single L in excess of  $300 000. I am shocked by the arrogance of those “gold diggers”.  As to myself I have often attended the needs of dying and abandoned Scientologists at my own expense and spent countless hours assisting people.

3- A plausible duration for L-12, where the pc had been honestly and fully set-up and done an in tech fashion is from a low 10 hours to a Maximum of 50 hours. The same comments as I wrote for L-11 apply. Apparently there are people who have spent 100-200 hours on L-12, paying more than the Church own exorbitant prices. I heard of a person getting L-12 in one hour by an auditor… meaning 90% of the rundown could not have possibly been run.

4- L-10 is different than other Ls. It is a long rundown. It covers all dynamics and areas of life. A standardly run L-10 has a minimum of 2500 questions, with many others for handling items that come up. 25 hours is made of 1500 minutes. Spending only one minute per question means the auditor is zipping the rundown at supersonic speed and failing to restimulate the pc. This means the auditor has at his hands the full power of a 747 Jumbo jet and is satisfied with doing local pizza delivery and never getting off the ground.

L-10 duration can vary widely. On a non-clear, Dianetics R3r is run as part of the rundown. This can lengthen the rundown.

An badly trained auditor will often overrun handlings, since he does not have the skill to properly spot them. Instead of validating the EP of an Item when it occurs, he will run many additional (unnecessary) questions, extending unnecessary the rundown (and filling his pocket in the bargain). This can cause the earlier blown item to come back, resulting in instability or unaddressed aberration. It took months of Internships, videos and cramming accessing LRH C/Sed L-10 session to learn how to audit L-10 flublessly. Per C/S 52 and LRH conferences on the Flag Internship and on auditing the Ls, this is the only way an auditor can learn how to audit L-10 properly. Anything else is QUICKIE training and will result in Quickie L-10. This is what LRH says and my experience has shown him to be correct on that point.

Apparently some people don’t mind getting botched Ls (or out-tech/squirrel auditing). Rotten food may taste great, if you have never eaten anything but unflavoured liquid protein and vitamins, but don’t be surprised you get infected with E choli or worse…

Karen de la Carriere trained by LRH, multiple winner of the auditor of the year award at Flag and an authentic Flag Class XII C/S, has made several statements about the training and skills necessary to learns the Ls.

I agree with each of them 100%. Specifically she said:

“There is nothing in the field in current set ups that can even come near approximating Ls training. Each internship takes MONTHS of 40 hour to 60 hours in the chair of flawless VWD sessions for graduation to be approved. But the pc is the beneficiary and is now in safe hands. The safety and guaranteed stability of the pc is the primary importance here. To hell with any other consideration than the PC and the PC’s benefit.” Karen

I could not have said it better myself.

Written by Pierre Ethier

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1994 Church of Scientology price list for services

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2002 Church of Scientology price list for the Ls