Anyone who has been deeply involved in Scientology, such as being on staff, the Sea Org or being part of delivering its services as an auditor, like I was, received continuous indoctrinations to make him/her accept all form of data without questioning it or even examining it.  To the outsider, such data, when accepted by the recipient is correctly labeled as Dogma.

Most of my peers, swallowed one Dogma after another without giving it a second thought. Being of a somewhat different nature, I never could accept a datum without understanding it first. I was often criticized for it, but realized from the start that my personal Integrity depended on believing only in what I choose to believe in on my own, not what I was merely ordered to.

Divergent and Splinter Groups were uniformly labeled as Suppressive, thought it was never explained how they were so. My questions about what they were, their activities and in which way they supposedly harmed people were never answered, except by the universal platitudes: “They teach junk”, “They are run by evil people with a discreditable past (or by perverts)” “They harm anyone they touch”.

I distinctively remember coming across the word AMPRINISTICS and finding it impossible to locate a definition. My efforts at truly clarifying its meaning were strongly discouraged. The only thing I needed to know is that it was a Suppressive group seeking to Harm Scientology and run by criminals.

It is only after I left the Church that I discovered (no thank to the Church of Scientology who has kept the issue hidden as it proved subsequently to be an embarrassment), what the word means or what it was.

AMPRINISTICS is a made up word by its creator Harold Thompson (1922-1994) , when he left the Church around 1964 to pursue his own ideas. He was joined by Jack Horner*, who used to be one of L. Ron Hubbard most trusted friends and Edgar Watson, one of the top auditors at the time.

*( Jack Horner was trusted enough for LRH to invite him to conduct by himself the 1st South African Advanced Clinical Course, as LRH had commitments elsewhere).

AMPRINISTICS is composed out of the words AMPLIATIVE (extending a simple concept) and PRINCIPLE (beginning/fundamental truth as basis of reasoning).

I do not have enough information to properly evaluate the merits or drawback of that philosophy, since I have not been able to get my hands-on works that explain its procedures in details. In 2001, his widow, Nancy Gould Thompson published a book: “Amprinistics : the simple truth : the first scientific psychology” / Harold Thompson.

Amprinistics uses ideas that are found in Certainty Processing, Rising Scale Processing and Concept Therapy/Processing from 1951-1953 and combines them with ideas from R6EW (1962-1964)  to seek to release sections of the Mind and specific aberrations.

The Advertisement of Amprinistics promotes it as a senior form of Scientology and is extremely enthusiastic about claims of results. How accurate were their claims? It is impossible to tell. The church, prompted by L. Ron Hubbard himself has gone out of its way to destroy that group, its principals and anything it published.

After a few years ,both Jack Horner and Edgar Watson left to start their own practices, no doubted prompted by the Intense Third partying campaign the Church instigated which had for avowed goal to get each of the founding members at each other’s throat.

L. Ron Hubbard got so ticked off about the group daring to use his ideas mixed with their own that he vowed the demise at any and all costs.

He started by writing an Executive Letter (the predecessor to LRHED) dated 27 September 1965 called AMPRINISTICS. That issue is now hard to find because it L. Ron Hubbard rhetoric and unproven assertions proved to be such an embarrassment, that the Church now denies its existence.

catherine-ethier-wife-of-pierre-ethier-plus-dreamsL. Ron Hubbard starts by making a big deal of them being all allegedly homosexuals, in spite of the accusations later in that same issue that one of them had indiscriminately fathered multiple children and abandoned their mothers. It merely reflects on Hubbard homophobia and consequently the Church of Scientology viewing Hubbard’s words as “scriptures” privately labeling all homosexuals as perverts and insane. They may something else in their PR, but I have read the pc folders of over 100 different Homosexuals and each of them was branded a pervert and insane by their case Supervisor. There were no exception.

Hubbard continues with his generalities calling them thieves and criminals but never once giving the slightest details even vague ones. He then goes on stating; “We don’t really want them any harm”.

Contradicting himself, Hubbard continues on the next page: “They are each Fair Game, can be sued or harassed…  Watson is a set-up for arrest as Homosexual. Any meeting held by them should be torn up. the names of people attending should be collected and they should be labeled SP, as they have left Scientology.(Now we have Hubbard clearly stating that if you leave or disagree with Scientology you are a Suppressive Person: something the Church of Scientology does with abandons, because L. Ron Hubbard says so)

Hubbard continues with his vitriol: “If any of them move in your area get them arrested or deported on whatever grounds”.


(1) Do not Mention the name Amprinistics in public, in our magazines or issues.

(2) Harass these persons in any possible way.

(3) Label publicly their ideas as Suppressive and designed to deny people case gains.

(4) Tear up any meeting held and get the names of those attending and issue SP orders and you’ll have a lot of rats.

L. Ron Hubbard 27 September 1965


Amprinistics, never amounted to anything bigger than a few hundred adherents and therefore never threatened the Church of Scientology income. The Church has never published any account of a single person being harmed by that practice. If they had found any, they would have published them in all their gore. Therefore the inescapable conclusion is that AMPRINISTICS never harmed anyone nor anything except L. Ron Hubbard’s pride.  Harold Thompson survived L. Ron Hubbard by 8 full years. In 2001, the Amprinistics Society was still active, making Hubbard’s forecast in 1965 that ” in a few months will never be heard of again” entirely inaccurate

One comment on “AMPRINISTICS

  1. CITATION: “He started by writing an Executive Letter (the predecessor to LRHED) dated 27 September 1965 called AMPRINISTICS”
    HOW can you be certain, that it was LRH himself who wrote this Executive letter at that exact date ? Where you present ? What is the proof ? Who is witness to this ?
    I am wondering myself, WHEN exactly the infiltration of Scientology by the CIA, Mossad, Mi5 and DGSE started – as the 1972 CIA-contract with OT VII Hal Puthoff was more of a final success, than a beginning . . .
    So I am wondering, if it is not just this GeStaPo-like nonsense, that the services planted and later used to show to the world how insane Scientology and his founder were in reality . . .
    This has been the “usual” way the media invalidates the tech up to today !

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