Keep Scientology Working (KSW)




People who have been running Scientology have not always had the most Ethical of Intentions. In fact, those running it for the last three decades have had intentions that have nothing to do with the improvement of people or their reaching true enlightenment.

It is common place among the criminal to accuse others of what they are themselves doing and therefore hide (they think) their true misdeeds by labeling them as being the opposite of what they truly are.


The Golden Age of Tech is yet another example. it should have been called the Age of Darkness.


The primary objective of the Golden Age of Tech is to “wipe clean the slate of auditors” by cancelling any certificate ever obtained (even under L. Ron Hubbard himself) and ordering them to lengthy retrains where auditors will be re-educated in the application of auditing.

Compare it to the following definition:

A systematic effort to eliminate an individual’s former loyalties and beliefs and to substitute them for a new ideology. It is best achieved by isolating and/or disconnecting from any anyone with divergent ideas, the insistence on exacting regimens that are not to be challenged or questioned, strong social pressures and rewards for cooperation; physical and psychological punishments for noncooperation, including social ostracism and criticism, deprivation of food, sleep, and social contacts, bondage, and torture; and constant reinforcement.



The secondary objective of the Golden Age of Tech is to implant the unimpeachable datum that RTC is infallible in technical matters and that any technical edict it issues should never be questioned, under penalty of excommunication and eternal damnation.  This will prove vital in getting all auditors under the control of the Church to blindly accept radical transformations in definitions and the technology without even needing to publish new bulletins,and accepting any verbal Tech issued by RTC as “undisputable truth”.

Thus we have the definition of a Floating Needle being perverted and causing thousands of unnecessary overruns.

This we have the Fabulous Ls Rundowns have been completely transmogrified and now being run according to lower level styles and techniques instead of their own unique ones, and over 50% of recipients at Flag being greatly unhappy (or worse) with them.

Thus we have the invention of the datum that people auditing on Solo NOTs must learn “How to Kill and F/N” and disavow their wins in order to benefit the Church through statistics and/or income.

Thus we have people being audited for hours over ARCXs with the auditor purposefully ignoring them because of some arbitrary or false datum he has been indoctrinated in.


The tertiary objective of the Golden Age of tech are 1- to remove any call to judgment or understanding by auditors and replace it with inflexible rules and robotic protocols.


The quaternary objective is the adoption of the false datum that any auditor or Case Supervisor applying fanatically the Golden Age of tech procedures can not possibly err. The corollary of that false axiom is that any and all complaints or disagreements about the programming, auditing or C/Sing merely indicate undisclosed misdeeds by the complainant(s).

Since the creation of the Golden Age of Tech, over half of the Solo NOTS completion have either openly defected or quietly departed from the Church. and nearly as many OT VIIIs. Church membership has dwindled by 60%. LRH repute has been torn to shred in the Media and on Internet and the Church under its current leadership has done nothing whatsoever to stop that trend, but only preoccupying itself at “defending David Miscavige” whenever he was justly attacked and criticized for his crimes.


When the Golden Age of tech was announced in 1996, the “Discovery” by David Miscavige was that the “Blind had been leading the Blind”. Nothing was said about the inescapable facts that

1- RTC by definition was the one leading on technical matters, and therefore being “The Blind”

2- Being Blind in that context (having low perception) is entirely the product of hidden misdeeds and contra-survival acts.

3- Therefore, announcing that RTC was entirely responsible for the Technology being applied the way it was (wrongly), Scientology public were expected to continue to blindly trust the same group of thugs that David Miscavige was broadcasting as having betrayed its public.


Since the Advent of RTC, in the 1980s, the Church of Scientology has completely failed in its mission of “Keep Scientology Working”. It has focused almost exclusively at controlling people, typically through Terror and the destruction of anyone who “had other Fish to fry” (an expression that has come to mean doing or thinking anything that is not written in the new Tables of the Law written by RTC.  The Laws being:

1- Thou shalt not question nor doubt any rule or order issued by or on behalf or RTC, no matter how off-policy or destructive it may seem to be.

2- Thou shalt submit all of your dynamics under the control and orders of the Church and accept all directives to suppress one or more dynamics, including Divorce, Abortion or Disconnection without challenge or disobedience.

3- Thou shalt lie and deceive even under oath, if it benefit the Church without feeling there is the slightest wrong in doing so.

4- Thou shalt not save any money for yourself, your future or your children, but donate without examination everything you own to the Church. You will get into debt without any limitation as long as you keep being ordered to do so by a Church official.

5- Thou shall disconnect as destructively as possible from anyone who disagrees with the Church, the way it is being run or who criticizes any of its principals.

6- Thou shalt refuse to listen to any communication or examine any data that seek to prove or explain how you may have been lied to by the Church, declaring that anything unflattering about the Church or its principals is by definition entheta and a lie.

7- Thou shalt accept any orders to apply Scientology, its Tech or its Admin differently than you have learned if RTC orders it as they know better than anyone else.

8- Disavow or disconnect from your Father and Mother, sisters and brothers, spouse or children whenever  it is ordered to by an Ethics Officer.

9- Never doubt anything you are told at any Church Briefing or official publication, nor  ever try to confirm their accuracy. Use the Internet solely for purposes immediately related to your job and refuse to read anything about Scientology, the Church or any of its principals, as the Church of Scientology never lies to its members.

10- Only follow goals of yours that are directly and explicitly approved by the Church. Change your goals, the instant you are told by an Ethics Officer or other authorized Church personnel that they are wrong. Disregard the Code of Honor. It is only written for PR purposes.


Over the course of years an additional step has surreptitiously been added  to the 10 points of KSW:

Step 0 of KSW: Abandon the Technology, or least the bits that those in charge want discarded  to satisfy their political or financial interests. Hundreds of good Bulletins have been cancelled and never been replaced. Thousands of mental or spiritual breakthroughs been ignored or suppressed and parts of the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard been kept indefinitely storage, in order to maximize financial gain by the Church of Scientology.

The following links show by year an exhaustive and complete list of all Technical Issues published along with their current status (where they can be found, of if cancelled or suppressed).

As a rule all issues written by someone else than LRH have been cancelled, even if doing so caused knowledge or vital advice to be lost. For example: Bulletins about Triple Rudiments have never been replaced and as a result, almost every auditor in the field have been mis-running Triple or Quad Rudiments using wrong or out-tech commands.

Scores of detailed drills covering anything from Handling Audiences to auditing correctly every processes on the Grades or actual Case Remedies have been cancelled without ever being replaced.


Decades after the wholesale cancellation of hundreds of Drills, an Impostor, who is also a failed auditor and an acknowledged NO CASE GAIN and who shows NO CHANGE as a down stat administrator created something he calls the GOLDEN AGE OF TECH, largely plagiarizing earlier cancelled bulletins that were written by Class XIIs and other Highly trained individuals as ordered by L. Ron Hubbard. He falsely claimed authorship behind them, defaming earlier Class XIIs and Highly trained auditors who had complied with  LRH orders to create drills for every single occasion, lying in front of an audience of thousands claiming that LRH orders had never been complied with when they had.

Hundreds of bulletins gave vital technical advice and examples of application, but were cancelled without replacement nevertheless. This includes Bulletins on auditing  Autistic Children, The secret reason why OTs can cave in or act badly, dynamic assessments and many other subjects.

It is immutable policy in the Church of Scientology, to cancel every single bulletin or materials written by a person who has just fallen out of favor or been branded suppressive, even if no replacement or substation is made. As a result there are gaping holes in the training auditors and errors and mistakes that would have been easily avoided have been committed in the name of “Keep Scientology Working” when the slogan KEEP SCIENTOLOGY WORKING was merely a hypocritical front for people who had no interest in the betterment of others so that they could order the demonizing and vilifying anyone who dared disagreeing or thinking an independent unsanctioned thought.


Due to the large amount of work required to make such a list, it is being done,one year at a time.

The first year that has been compiled is the year 1969.


In 1976 a FLAG TAPE MASTER LIST was compiled and issued. It had a few omission, but was by far the most complete list ever published by the Church.

In the 1990s, the late Ken Ogger who gave himself for nickname “THE PILOT” published the most exhaustive list of LRH conferences ever made and sought to correct and add to it.

Using my own unique background as a Class XII and Sea Org Member on Tech lines at Flag for nearly 20 years and numerous contacts and sources of help, I have filled the holes in the Pilot lists and explained the current status of each lecture.

Since the advent of the Golden Age of Tech a number of lectures have been quietly buried and the very name and existence of those conferences been erased from scientology official teaching. The Church current position is that those lectures never existed, even though they exit in previous compilations. The Church has ordered destruction of those conferences by any of the faithful who still happen to own one.

For the year 1969 the Golden Age of Knowledge states that “No LRH lecture exists”, yet I was able to confirm by title and date 13 LRH lectures made that year.

2 comments on “Keep Scientology Working (KSW)

  1. . . .
    Since 1993 the secret “owner” of Scientology is the “Church of Spiritual Technology” (CST), which means the US-Government via three NON-Scientologists holds all the “official” rights on Scientology since 1993.

    From the very beginning of that “official” and top secret invasion of Scientology in October 1972 with OT VII Hal Puthoff from SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and his signing of a secret contract with the CIA – to the unconditional surrender of the church of Scientology to those Government criminals – it took thus 21 long years, during which the takeover was managed with the killing of key-executives, the changing of key-procedures and the confusion of key-data in books and other publications.

    All the suppressive CIA is doing ever since, is building highly sophisticated (Theta-) traps, so Scientologists will continue to knock out Scientologists (THIRD PARTY)

    So TR 0 ist the first step !

    “Shock & awe” is what the US-army uses, whenever they invade another country – shock & awe is what they used to knock out Scientology !

    So TR 0 ist the first step !

    ( “the basic thing man cannot confront is evil”, is what LRH says about “complexity” in everyday life – from HCO B “Complexity & Confronting)

    So TR 0 ist the first step !

    And once we we finally arrive at confronting the facts that have all been proven bejond any doubt – we will have to separate the Scientologists from the undercover CIA-agents, and the LRH-tech from the CIA-squirrel !

    And Scientology, the planet & it’s people will florish and prosper once again !

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