OTVIII and Beyond

LRH Legacy

 OT VIII and beyond what lies ahead of us???

While all evidence points to the fact that no new OT Level will be released by the Church in our lifetimes, for those lucky enough to have “strayed” away from the yoke of that Institution, the bridge needs not dead-end at OT VIII.

Throughout the years, there have been many speculations as to what OT VIII and beyond were about. A number of uninformed individual even started to broadcast, quite erroneously that LRH had never even researched or written those. The same people are also content to tell that the world that the “last technical lecture from LRH dates from 1972”, utterly oblivious of the fact that in late 1975, LRH gave a series of 22 lectures on the Flag Only “Special Rundown” (later to be called “New Vitality Rundown” or NVRD, to a group of over 40 Tech People.

In 1977, in broadly released issues LRH announced that at least 15 new Levels were fully researched and merely awaiting final write-up. Also the Class X, XI and XII materials make repeated and specific references to these Rundowns coming from “research on OT VIII-XV”.

I have also confirmed from private discussions with a number of individuals, some of which I have known for decades, and whom I consider to be honest and reliable that they even saw the materials themselves.


There is no such thing as OLD and NEW OT Levels, except within RTC‘s feverish mind (and therefore those of its followers). Except for “old OT I” (originally developed in 1966 and found in 1967 by LRH to be a dead-end), there has not been, since 1967 any “OLD OT Levels”.

Its core issues written up in 1969, LRH found OT VIII to be “only for a High level Thetan“, and the gradient simply too steep for most people, even a Full OT 7 completion. It took nearly a decade for tech to be developed to address those points.

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