One comment on “Church of Scientology and dissemination in Russia – No comments

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    Vladimir Putin decided to become a mass-murderer when Chechnya also spelled Chechnia or Chechenia declared independance.
    Putin is KNOWN to have been an ex agent of the KGB (Russian CIA).
    Putin’s rule is KNOWN to have lead to the murder of around 300 opposing journalists ( ) and the most famous is Anna Politkovskaya’s murder in Moscow on 7 October 2006.
    Opposing politicians are stripped of their wealth and put in jail like Michael Chodorowski.
    So you might be able imagine, that Putin is aware of the CIA-connection of the american church of Scientology – thus his curiosity to look behind closed doors.
    Again that’s located on the tonecale at 1.5 ANGER
    Everybody with his TR’s in place can see what’s happening, and act accordingly.
    But where would you locate the CIA and it’s methods on that same tonescale ?

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