One comment on “About needless violence

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    MK-ultra, the most known secret code for mind control research by the NAZI-founded CIA from 1947 up to . . . ? . . . did not only investigate Exteriorisation under the code of “remote viewing” with the help of Scientologists like Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price, who were OT VII – but also worked on creating the perfect killer under the code of the “manchurian candidate”
    Different international observers attribute the bizarre emotions of many of those killers – that seem to be completely disassociated from reality – and the latest uprising of so called “suicide” bombers to be CIA – killers from that program
    You need drugs and hypnosis to create such criminals, that are an easy to use weapon in the hands of criminal government agency’s like modern drones are . . .

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