One comment on “WARNING – OSA & the same old, same old

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    That is 100% consistent with KNOWN procedures by the CIA to commit secret crime and create FALSE proof (false flag) to direct public attention to FALSE targets. (see: Prof. Daniele Ganser, swiss historian on secret CIA-armys all over Europe and it’s false flag terror)
    In HCO B “Psychosis” LRH explains all about real SP’s and WHY they always blame the false target.
    If you look at Guantanamo or Abu Greib – that is the same handwriting !
    The french call this method: “Agent Provocateur”, which means you infiltrate the group you want to destroy with your secret agents, and order them to commit horrible crimes in the name of that group – and so the PUBLIC opinion is turned AGAINST that group, and in the end everybody feels relieved, when the government closes down the unwanted group.
    Swiss engineer Andreas Grosz has documented in detail a lot of squirrel ever since David Miscavidge is the official head of the church.

    According to his conclusion, David Miscavige is not a Scientologist, but a covert CIA Agent, and all the covert destruction that surrounds the path of Mr. Miscavige does not leave much room for any other explanation . . .

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