OT VIII Class XII Auditor

 Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Class XIIs are beings who are not satisfied with merely doing the ordinary but are truly aspiring to greater heights for both themselves and others.

 Claire and I are the only two Canadians to have ever trained to the level of Class XII.

I have neither read the notice put out by the FSO, nor attended her Memorial service (held on August 11 2001 at the Sand Castle), so this Eulogy will remain inadequate.

Anyone who has information they feel would be a worthy contribution to this Eulogy is welcome to submit it at my address provided at the bottom of this page.

Claire joined the Sea Org in the 1970s. Her friends described her to me as a “Gentle Soul”.

She pursued the rest of her Sea Org Career in Los Angeles, eventually becoming a Class VIII.

In 1980 She joined the Flag Service Org in Clearwater and became a NOTS auditor. She eventually became a Class XII Auditor around 1984.

For a time Claire and I worked in the same HGC, Claire was a very heavy smoker, going through two packs in a day. Although today, it seemes to me like a petty argument, at the time, as a non-smoker, it caused some friction between us.

In retrospect, the reason, seems to have been her deep care toward her numerous pcs. Subjected, like all other High Classed Flag Auditors to inhumane conditions, it was her way to deal with the impossible levels of stress while continuing to deliver the best possible auditing to her pcs.

In 1989 Claire completed Solo NOTS and OT VIII and became one of 5 Auditors and C/Ses to deliver services to OT VIII public.

The picture below was taken in Clearwater on Sunday, December 6, 1998. One sees an emaciated Claire Reppen, a “Star of the Team” and by then a “senior Citizen” being made to do hard Labor on a Sunday.

One can, but ponder what kind of organization makes the elderly do hard physical labor even on Sunday for essentially no pay, so that it does not have to pay outside contractors to build its Christmas lights and decorations

“A Class XII on Flag is listened to by others with a hush even if he is only commenting on the weather. These are the stars of the team”. LRH (HCOB 25 August 1971 HOW TO GET RESULTS IN AN HGC)



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  1. May the Truth that We Know and Express, Prevail, along with the Infinity for All that We cause Ourselves to Be. This as it is Given to Me is Given again to You, The Power that can Be ! It is You and Your Kind that Gives Life To Me and Again I Give Life Existence Survival Living Creation Cause in All Ways ! Be Do Have for Well Being with You, and each Being, With Infinity, Power, Cause, Infinity Beyond Finite, Infinity Beyond Infinity, Confront of Harmony and Disharmony to Harmony and at every moment in Our The Greater Adventure the Enhancement of the Future Being. Serenity and Above !
    KRC In All Ways !

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