Happy Thanksgiving Canada

 thanksgiving - Pierre Ethier
Native Indian Prayer

Thanksgiving is about giving our appreciation to the kindness of others in our lives and reflects in all parts of  the natuaral creation. Thanksgiving is based on the collective and sincere introspection, while facilitates the ultimate  meditation on what gives sense to our existence and to what sustains our existence. This help us to enjoy  the state of gratefulness.

Thanksgiving is a day of genuine connection to nature’s elements and to Mother Earth and helps us to celebrate the true unity of the divine elements with Affinity , Reality and Communication. It encompasses once again the true meaning of Affinity (affection, love or liking), Reality (consensual reality) and Communication (the exchange of ideas).

We are Giving Thanks for what was already received, so we include hope that we’ll become worthy to continue Receiving, that we’ll learn and become better in giving ourselves, further on.

When you are at cuase of your enviriment and everything is working for you and you are so well-protected and blessed by this special quality to enjoy the joy. Then you really become sensitive to that joy, when you are one with the whole in your extended universe.  You are to enjoy the beauties of your own glory and that of the nature around you.

So one has to understand that we have to be strong ourselves. We have to ascend and we have to evolve truly in all our dynamics. It’s very easy to find out faults with others and sometimes with me. Better find faults within yourself.  First you just find faults with yourself and try to understand others and love others and enjoy the company of others. This, once you decide that we have to enjoy, the all will flow spontaneously  in a positive directions.  Just this decision, this faith within you is going to enjoy your rejuvenation.  Just this decision itself will give you the power to enjoy, but decision should be firm, no hypocrisy, no playing games, no ego, no conditioning, nothing, just pure desire within us that we have to become different and better beings.

I hope today on this day of your rejuvenation when you are  thankful for evolving through a new spiritual path to better yourselves you find your answers.

Where are we? Where do we stand? What are we up to? What are we doing? What is our responsibility? What is expected of us? Why all these blessings are given to us?

    Thanksgiving Prayer from Iroquoian

We have been given The Duty

To live in Harmony with one another

And with other living things

We give Thanks that This is True

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