• A much maligned subject clarified: 10 MYTHS ABOUT STANDARD TECH DEBUNKED.
  • The Stable Datum Conundrum: Will it save your life… or cost your own sanity?
  • The Scientology Justice System: Utopian Equity or a sinister antithesis to the American Bill of Rights?
  • Hubbard Last Public Lectures (Daytona 1975) – The New Vitality Rundown: Hubbard’s Explanations and practical pproaches toward the “Bipolar Case”.
  • Principles and applications stemming from Infinite Value Logic.
  • Remote Viewing as a functional discipline.
  • Article written: Telepathy vs Mental Telegraphy : two entirely unrelated phenomena.
  • The secrets of telepathy and clairvoyance.
  • Where was I buried? a personal test of whole-track recall.
  • Succesfully adressing Amnesia on the Whole-Track.
  • The lost Art of Two Way Communication.
  • Fads and Fallacies in the name of Scientology.
  • The False Memory caper: Anatomy of bottomless abyss.
  • The use of synthetic identities as substitute for self or for Reason
  • The Unholy Legacy of Homo Novis
  • The renaming of Standard Technologies as an exercize in propaganda and re-education
  • What is Hatred?
  • Tips for Prevailing over OSA phony PR and tactics
  • Lost technologies: in each article, the author explores the theory, background, technical validity, subsequent alterations and perversions and the reasons for abandonment as well as results related to each one.
  • I Creative Processing
  • II The Lost Art of Two Way Communication
  • III Goal Listing and Criss Cross Technologies
  • IV Whole Track Implants and GPM handling
  • V The accurate adjudication and rehabilitation of the state of Clear
  • VI L-10 and its derivatives
  • VII Expanded Dianetics
  • VIII Standard Dianetics
  • IX Integrity Processing
  • X The New Vitality Rundown
  • XI The Introspection Rundown
  • XII The Humongous Rundown
  • XIII The Body Blue Print Rundown
  • XIV The Case Cracker Rundown
  • XV The Dynamic Assessemnt Rundown
  • XVI The Student Booster Rundwown
  • XVII The Rehabilitaion of Intention Rundown
  • XVIII The Hubbard “Dianetics for OTs” Rundown.
  • XIX The Power Processes
  • XX The Vital Information Rundown
  • XXI The true meaning of Standard tech
  • XXII Adverse effect (PTS) Technologies
  • XXIII The Culling and FESing of past and recent sessions.
  • XXIV The art of remote Case Supervision


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