Success Story – jazz performer Amanda Ambrose

The real success is measured with the contribution to the community. Ms. Amanda Ambrose became one of the first black Celebrity Scientologists. She received counselling by Pierre Ethier in the 80-es. Soon after she became interested in the Church of Scientology, she dedicated her efforts on how this could improve African-American social standing, education and literacy. Amanda wanted to help the African-American community and embraced it fully.

Along with her daughter, Ms. Ambrose founded Ebony Awakenings, a group that has worked to honor African-Americans and create partnerships between Scientology and churches, including Kennedy’s. She  lived  in Clearwater, often would see live theatre, listen to music along with studying Scientology.

Success Story – Andre Ethier

Major League Baseball All-Star outfielder Andre Ethier played college baseball and  in 2006 Ethier made his MLB debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers. In January of 2010 he agreed to a two-year $15.25 million contract with the team. In September of 2010 Andre paid $2 million for a four bed/five bath, 6,826 square foot home on just under fives acres in Gilbert, Arizona. Built in 2003, the Tuscan-style home has a wine room, exercise room, swimming pool with a Cantera fountain, 2,700 square foot covered patio with a full outdoor kitchen, and views of San Tan Mountain.


  • A much maligned subject clarified: 10 MYTHS ABOUT STANDARD TECH DEBUNKED.
  • The Stable Datum Conundrum: Will it save your life… or cost your own sanity?
  • The Scientology Justice System: Utopian Equity or a sinister antithesis to the American Bill of Rights?
  • Hubbard Last Public Lectures (Daytona 1975) – The New Vitality Rundown: Hubbard’s Explanations and practical pproaches toward the “Bipolar Case”.
  • Principles and applications stemming from Infinite Value Logic.
  • Remote Viewing as a functional discipline.
  • Article written: Telepathy vs Mental Telegraphy : two entirely unrelated phenomena.
  • The secrets of telepathy and clairvoyance.
  • Where was I buried? a personal test of whole-track recall.
  • Succesfully adressing Amnesia on the Whole-Track.
  • The lost Art of Two Way Communication.
  • Fads and Fallacies in the name of Scientology.
  • The False Memory caper: Anatomy of bottomless abyss.
  • The use of synthetic identities as substitute for self or for Reason
  • The Unholy Legacy of Homo Novis
  • The renaming of Standard Technologies as an exercize in propaganda and re-education
  • What is Hatred?
  • Tips for Prevailing over OSA phony PR and tactics
  • Lost technologies: in each article, the author explores the theory, background, technical validity, subsequent alterations and perversions and the reasons for abandonment as well as results related to each one.
  • I Creative Processing
  • II The Lost Art of Two Way Communication
  • III Goal Listing and Criss Cross Technologies
  • IV Whole Track Implants and GPM handling
  • V The accurate adjudication and rehabilitation of the state of Clear
  • VI L-10 and its derivatives
  • VII Expanded Dianetics
  • VIII Standard Dianetics
  • IX Integrity Processing
  • X The New Vitality Rundown
  • XI The Introspection Rundown
  • XII The Humongous Rundown
  • XIII The Body Blue Print Rundown
  • XIV The Case Cracker Rundown
  • XV The Dynamic Assessemnt Rundown
  • XVI The Student Booster Rundwown
  • XVII The Rehabilitaion of Intention Rundown
  • XVIII The Hubbard “Dianetics for OTs” Rundown.
  • XIX The Power Processes
  • XX The Vital Information Rundown
  • XXI The true meaning of Standard tech
  • XXII Adverse effect (PTS) Technologies
  • XXIII The Culling and FESing of past and recent sessions.
  • XXIV The art of remote Case Supervision