Spiritual Comfort and Assist

Scientology auditor (not associated with the corporate COS) on duty at the hospital providing spiritual comfort and assisting on the way to recovery in the hospital.

The Scientologist code of honour dedicates a section about helping other scientologists in need: “Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.” Unfortunately it is a common practice that the Corporate Church of Scientology abandons the sick and the dying. This dehumanised behaviour became common in the Church and indifference , blame,  hatered and evil intentions to harm are often inherited outside the church. Some have lost basic moral and ethical values sinking into a low tone criticism and are unable to show compassion and sympathy.

In a contrast to the above disappointment of mine I am glad to share the following picture of a Scientology auditor (not associated with the corporate COS) on duty at the hospital providing spiritual comfort and assisting on the way to recovery. It was said that a picture says 1000 words. It brightens my day to see when people are putting their constructive effors to make a difference for better world.


Spiritual comfort at the verge of death

Couple of months ago Pierre was able to offer spiritual comfort and care to a well known dying celebrity, who along with the immediate family was abandoned by the Corporate  Church of Scientology in this difficult moment. This is a special time on path of one’s spiritual evolution and “journey to  oneness” when the creation, the soul/ the thetan, past lifetimes, and reincarnation in future lives get all linked together in a stronger spiritual bond.

 Pierre was happy to be able to apply once again the spiritual technology developed by LRH and comfort the dying in support and preparation of their eventual departure.

Pierre was fortunate to have run on both public and staff back in the late 70s, the LRH program and C/S he wrote for Yvonne (Gilham) Jentzch, the late founder and Commanding officer of the Los Angeles Celebrity Center. Yvonne, in case you do not know, was a close friend of LRH and in 1977 suffering of terminal cancer. Pierre did happen to meet and converse with Yvonne a few weeks before her death, at the Flag Land Base. The LRH program deals extensively with the considerations, feelings and factors related to the condition, while helping the person complete cycles of actions, incomplete communications, as incomplete cycles would of course tend to hang the person up in physical suffering.

It is a very hard task to prepare the person apprehension and concerns toward body death, which unfortunately we have to face with the sadness of leaving friends and family behind,  but being comforted by the positive thoughts of new future beginnings.

It is very important in this condition to deal with Exteriorization. LRH points out, a person often has trouble exteriorizing, even at death, so that the person can leave when he/she so desire, instead of continuing against his/her will the torture suffered in a dying shell.

On this latter point, one of the very first Class VII, Power auditors, trained by LRH in 1965, explained  that Euthanasia was unnecessary as a being, freed of the compulsions and fears, could actually be helped to drop the body by simply making that decision, without the slightest intervention of drugs or physical means.

Pierre was happy to offer beside his presence as a friend and what I think was more important the spiritual comfort being there for the family and the dying individual, acknowledging and helping complete any incomplete cycles of action, undelivered communications and helping to cope in this time of transition.

Pierre knows quite a bit about what to expect between lives. He has seen people helped with auditing and out of cancer, but this was never Terminal cancer. There are countless examples of the church promising the impossible, however when reality sinks in, terminal is, sadly terminal, like a person already plummeting to the ground at terminal velocity can no longer be saved.

Here to mention Bo Weinberg’s story. He was responsible for large portion of the FSO Gross Income, as he ran tours and Div 6 activities. He got diagnosed with Cancer very late, when inoperable. The FSO employed all of its resources to save him, but without avail. The secret of saving someone from Cancer is simply early diagnostic and treatment.

I was really saddened that at the very same time when Pierre was helping the sick and dying, there were shameless individuals who still were seeking confrontation over the internet and sinking into single sided attacks of Pierre’s practice using internet groups. I see  only greed and evil as motivators of those attacks, which is an ugly human side that I will NOT honour with further attention. I can ensure the attackers that they will NOT take their money into the grave, neither greed, corruption , nor low ethics will help them to spiritually improve.


  • The Corporate Church of Scientology abendoning their terminally ill parishioner. Albert Jaquier was OT 7. He spent about 2,000,000 USD for Scientology, he was sick, impoverished, and miserable when he died. His diary records the distress he experienced at the end of his life – the broken promises of other Scientologists and the lack of compassion from those around him . He died in December 1994 after he was broke and several Scientologists refused to pay back their debts. Read the excerpts from his diary, written the last year of his life – 1994.
  • How the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution: link