Success in Business Strategy

To hand down the wisdom he had gained from years of battles, more than two millennia ago the famous Chinese general Sun Tzu wrote the classic work on military strategy, The Art of War. Because business, like warfare, is dynamic, fast-paced, and requires an effective and efficient use of scarce resources, modern executives have found value in Sun Tzu’s teachings. The Art of War is arranged for the military leader , so making connections between ancient warfare and today’s corporate world is fairly trasperent.

 Sun Tzu’s strategic principles can be successfully applied to modern business situations. The synthesis of Sun Tzu’s ideas into strategic principles for the business executive is invaluable.

There are many modern examples like GE, Microsoft, AT&T, BMW, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, and many others, some of the America’s best companies that are still following the wisdom of history’s most respected strategist.  Executives can avoid the pitfalls of management fads and achieve lasting competitive advantage.

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