About panic attacks in layman terms

What is a panic attack?

Everyone knows what panic is, and it is common to feel panicky from time to time:

• You get the sense that you are being followed on your way home from a party, late at night.

• You discover you have had your wallet stolen.

• You are sitting an exam. You look at the paper and realise you don’t know the answers to any of the questions.

• Someone runs in front of your car and you almost hit them.

It would be normal in any of these situations to feel a sense of panic. The feeling would be understandable and would pass fairly quickly.

A panic attack is a bit like ‘normal’ panic, but different in a number of ways:

The feelings seem to come ‘out of the blue’ and are not usually related to the sort of frightening situation described above.

The feelings are a lot stronger.

As the feelings are UNEXPECTED and STRONG they can feel extremely frightening.

Panic attacks affect people in many different ways, but there is usually a frightening feeling that something really awful is about to happen.

 Lots of people have panic attacks, although they can affect people in different ways. Some people have only one, others may have them for many years. Some people have them every day, some people only once in a while.

Some physical conditions can cause symptoms similar to panic attacks as well.

For example: certain medicines taken together;

  • thyroid problems;
  • drinking too much caffeine;
  • hormonal dis-balance
  • pregnancy;
  • low blood sugar; etc

It is a good idea to consult with a medical doctor to overrule any concerns that your problem may have a physical cause.

Spiritual healing, relaxation and auditing can help to rejuvenate your inner self into a confident mode. An individual auditing program can address your spiritual disproportions and release the build up stressful charge. Panic affects your body, your mind and the way you behave.


Disclaimer : This article is for general information purpose. Please consult medical professionals in respect to any medical conditions and treatments.

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