Creative Expressions by Vincent Magni

Many of us get messages from an early age that our individual creative expression, which is another way of saying who we really are, is somehow not good enough. We lose touch with our natural creative source and thus lose touch with that core energy that allows us to feel nourished, grounded, fully alive and connected to ourselves and others.

Creative self expression is an important and often underutilized tool for those of us on the path of spiritual growth. Creativity is an essential ingredient of success and satisfaction in any area of our lives.

Getting back in touch with your creative self can reconnect you with a sense of meaning and purpose, regain your joy and help you maintain greater flexibility in the face of life’s many challenges. Creativity is one of the most unique and precious aspects of who we are.

 Vincent Magni has been a painter and sculptor since 1986 and has exhibited internationally since 1991. Vincent Magni’s unique talent has been recognized both nationally and internationally and his art has been exhibited throughout France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Austria and the U.S.A. His works can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the world. If you do not own a Picasso, Vincent Magni’s paintings can be your best alternative.

Have a look at the artist website to discover his contemporary art before you queue to see his works in the world’s major museums.

Magni’s unique mobile sculptures, which move when touched, are a delight to behold. The viewer can easily recognize their forms although you can see right through them. These wire sculptures are refreshingly innovative; they immediately bring smiles to the viewer as they dance and nod in appreciation for being touched. Each sculpture is original in design and personality and moves in its own unique way, occupying and defying space simultaneously.

Magni’s other wire figures are densely formed, not only does the material fill the human figure, but it does so with a less deliberate precision. In these works a fully developed and balanced body is composed of randomly directed wire, its static stance is contradicted by the material’s frenzied appearance. Magni’s work is compelling because of this old dichotomy; it is solid yet empty, static yet kinetic.

Note:  Pierre audited Vincent on OT VIII

Vincent Magni – OT VIII, Class 5 Auditor, gave $25,000 to the IAS, France


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