Music Digitally Crafted by Geir Isene

I have found music to be one of the best methods for pulling people into creative mode. Music can be very inspirational and spiritually fulfilling. When I was younger I realized I was a person who is very visual. I can imagine full scenes in my mind, I can turn things around in my head and when somebody gives me directions, I see a 3D movie of what they are telling me. I played piano growing up, and that really fed my soul. I often talked about bands I loved and took art classes to learn how to paint. The teacher would use music to increase the creative flow. I was astounded to see how it amplified my creativity. I was hooked, and I began my search to find the music that resonated with my soul.

Here are few comment from Geir Isene about this wornderful world of creativity:

My creativity got a solid boost back in ’96 when I did OT 1-2-3. But especially on OT 1 & 2, I felt a real surge in creativity. This has never stopped, and just today I uploaded my first video on YouTube, featuring my arrangement of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition; The Old Castle”, complete with some of my digital artwork.

Geir Isene :)”

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