The original 8 LRH trained Class XII-s

List of the original 8 LRH trained Class XII-s

Otto J. Roos – The First LRH trained Class XII C/S , personal auditor of LRH
Liese Klingvall -LRH trained Class XII
Tommy Klingsvall -LRH trained Class XII
Mike Mauerer -LRH trained Class XII
Leon Steinberg -LRH trained Class XII
Quentin Hubbard -LRH trained Class XII C/S
Alex Sibersky – The First Flag auditor of John Travolta, LRH trained Class XII
Brian Livingston – LRH trained Class XII


One comment on “The original 8 LRH trained Class XII-s

  1. Thanks Pierre, for the info,

    when I arrived at Flag 1976 – it was my plan to become the first european Class XII – they killed me right away !

    So I traced the suppression down to the roots – only to end up in Langley/Virginia – the home to the CIA.

    In 1969 OT VII Prof. Harold (Hal) Puthoff decided to become the “Judas” to LRH – when he sold his inside knowledge to the CIA.

    The senventies where the years, when Scientology exteriorisation technology was intensly investigated at Stanford University (SRI)

    This was part of the top secret MK-ULTRA research into “mind control”, America had engaged upon since the 40’ies of the last century.

    “Remote viewing” worked so well – that the decision was made, to take out the church of Scientoly – and sacrifice it for the “security” of the United States . . .

    As every crime on earth – this barbarious act is backfiring now – and in the end, will take down the great American empire . . .

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