Who Are The Squirrels? – by Silvia Kusada

It all started with a beautiful idea to help, to have a better world, to have happier people. The idea was genuine, the intention clean…..at least for some.

I guess to many of us that was what Scientology meant at the very beginning. We felt we could be free to be ourselves, to have our own ideas, we enjoyed the dream of a society where honest people have rights and where we could finally deal with truth.

That dream has nothing to do with what the Church of Scientology is today. The original philosophy has been perverted by people who know best, by others that have seen in this movement a way to enslave and a very profitable activity.

This will happen in the independent field as well if it is not already happening. Today we are left with nothing more than Reversed $cientology also called “The Incorporated Church of $cientology”. A business activity dealing with lies, with enslavement and psychological violence. A group who abuses justice and protects criminals.

I get pretty puzzled when I hear people calling each other Squirrels.

Who are really the squirrels?

Let’s look at the original definitions: from LRH’s Tech Dictionary;


1. A squirrel is doing something entirely different. He doesn’t understand any of the principles so he makes up a bunch of them to fulfill his ignorance and voices them off on a pc and gets no place. (SH Spec 77, 6111C08)

2. Those who engage in actions altering Scn, and off beat practices. (ISE,p.40) -v. to change and invent processes. (HCOB 23 May 69) SQUIRRELLING,

1. It means altering Scn and offbeat practices. It is a bad thing. (HCO PL 14 Feb 65)

2. Squirrelling is not really different processes, it is careless, incomplete, messed up auditing procedure. (HCOB 15 Jan 70 11)’

A Squirrel is somebody who violates the very basics human rights of men. That is a violation of the basics tenets of the original Scientology. A Squirrel is somebody that sees something wrong but does not do anything about it. A Squirrel is somebody that forwards lies, creates antagonisms, works for money or for status, promotes overtly or covertly disconnections, who separates as opposed to unites.

A squirrel is one also who calls others squirrels, and purposely lessens Affinity, Agreements and Communications amongst people, groups or nations…..All the above are violations of the fundamentals and therefore are squirrel activities, no matter how you wish to justify them.

A Squirrel to me is someone who in or out the Church continues to specialize on stopping people from getting better and/or from receiving auditing when he/she wishes. This include making auditing difficult to get and entering arbitrary rules.

You will seldom hear a true Scientologist (very rare to find) calling another a squirrel. He has mastered one of the basic tenets and abilities: to grant others beingness. He works looking at stats on long terms goals. He does not catch the ball to destroy another auditor using one of his complaining PCs. We all had bad sessions, every single one of us auditors, and that does not make us bad auditors.

There are a lot of good people around, but there are also a lot of scared individuals, insecure untrained people who think they know best and what they know best about is how to 3rd party others.

A true bridge to others. Good stats, where with good stats we mean steps toward a saner society, freedom of speech and choice, respect for others, justice and TRUTH, are my way to judge if an activity or people are squirrel or not. It is all part of the fundamentals, and the basics are concepts, not words.

Published with  Silvia Kusada’s written permission 

The original 8 LRH trained Class XII-s

List of the original 8 LRH trained Class XII-s

Otto J. Roos – The First LRH trained Class XII C/S , personal auditor of LRH
Liese Klingvall -LRH trained Class XII
Tommy Klingsvall -LRH trained Class XII
Mike Mauerer -LRH trained Class XII
Leon Steinberg -LRH trained Class XII
Quentin Hubbard -LRH trained Class XII C/S
Alex Sibersky – The First Flag auditor of John Travolta, LRH trained Class XII
Brian Livingston – LRH trained Class XII


Ron’s Journal 68 LRH : “Disconnection is canceled”

Ron’s Journal 68

(27:35 minutes) LRH : “Disconnection is canceled as a relief for those suffering family oppression and is not longer required SP orders and the person has to handle. The fairgame law was canceled”

(39:04 minutes) OT VII and OT VIII
(39:57 minutes) LRH: ”Actually I am not mad at anybody. It sort of goes against the grain to have to engage in some sort of warfare in which I have no personal interest. I finally have figured it out that all of these cases , these psychiatric cases and so forth that kept coming our way that all were butchered up it would be a jolly good thing if we put an end to that type of activity, because it would make our work enormously easier. But I am not mad at anybody, now we have an Ethics system and actually I am not very happy with pushing my friends around. There are too many bad hats in the world! And forgive me , forgive me if anyone was pushed around too hard or has had his own rights violated. The real thing we have to guard against is becoming ourselves intolerant to others freedom to believe. We do have a parallel in the early Christians. And the early Christians had a difficult time because they spoke of Human Rights, Love and Spiritual Freedom just as we do…..”

(43:13 minutes) LRH: “ Just because is happening to us is no reason we should to do it to others, ever”

How Debbie Cook’s letter resonated with Scientologists

Here is another work of protest and rebellion that is destined to join the list of  classics.  This declaration of independence comes from a French OT 8, celebrity and an artist.  Please see that his work was not done in vain; disseminate it as far and wide as you possibly can. ( Link to Debbie Cook’s Letter:  https://pierreethier.wordpress.com/2017/01/01/debbie-cooks-new-years-2012-message-to-scientologists/)

V M – OT VIII, Class 5 Auditor, gave $25,000 to the IAS, France

From: VM

Monday, March 12, 2012 6:31 PM

Subject: Doubt Formula


I am an artist.  I am a painter and a sculptor.  I am a public of Celebrity Center Paris, New OT 8 and auditor Class V.

The reason why I am writing you this letter is that I am doing a Doubt Condition.

I became a Scientologist 28 years ago, in 1984.  After a period of being on staff as ED at the mission of Paris, I pursued my road as public in 1987.  At the end of the same year, I was Clear and auditor CL IV.

I then left to Flag to go up my Bridge.  Six months later in July 1988, I returned home on OT 7.  I was 24 years old.  I always paid for my Bridge by my own means.

In January 1989, I started a field group auditor in Geneva.

In February 6, 1989, I attested to OT 7 and in February 27, I attested to OT 8.

In 1999, I left for Flag to do my certainties.   I was returned to OT 7 and audited until April 2004 when I attested to OT 7 for the second time.  I attested to OT 8 soon after.

In July 2004, I attended the Maiden voyage where COB announced as priority number one the purchase of the “ideals orgs”.

In 2006, I bought an industrial fallow of 10,000 square meters in Bourgogne to build a village for artists and a theater.  I was immediately the target of all the regional SPs that did not miss to make the amalgam between my project and Scientology and to attack violently both as an inseparable block.

For these last 6 years, I spent most of my time defending the Church, handling hundreds of persons one by one to make them allies, to deny the enemy lines on the Church, to visit all the personalities, influential people and the VIPS to clean the subject of Scientology.  I then obtained extraordinary products.

As many of us, on January 1, I received and read Debbie Cook’s email.  Debbie raised points on which I had some attention on for several years.  After having asked for the opinion of some friends, I turned to lines suited to handle these questions: HCO CCP (Celebrity Center Paris).

I wanted to obtain simple clarifications but the denial, which HCO made me read to handle this email generated many more questions.

During my second meeting with HCO, the DSA of Paris Org and a terminal from the Freewinds, the Ethics Officer of Celebrity Center Paris made me read a new pack of “Dead Agent” relating to “the lies of a squirrel group” called “Friends of LRH” (www.friendsoflrh.org ).  I did not understand why this group was being cataloged as squirrel liar while they raised only a long list of out tech by indicating exactly the violated references!!!  It seems to me that a squirrel is someone who alters the Tech and not the one who spreads efforts to maintain its standard?

I thus read this list with interest (in HCO).  I was stunned to notice the difficulty of the Church to prove that this out tech does not exist.  The majority of the answers were out of context.  It started to be very disturbing.

My reasoning was the following one: if all these major technical changes made by COB as time goes by and if all these new strategies of continual fund raising, ideal orgs and others were the right things to do, it should be seen directly in the statistics in terms of expansion.  Then I took as stable datum these two references from Ron:

“The most direct observation in an Org (or a country) is statistics.

These tell of production.  They measure what is done.

It cannot be said too often that management is best done by statistics.

Each division in an Org has a GROSS DIVISIONAL STATISTIC.  This is calculated to reflect the production of that division by all its staff members.”

Statistics, Management By, HCO PL 5 Feb 1970 (Management Series, Vol. 7, p. 514)

“Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is well-trained auditors. The other is satisfied Pcs.”

Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.”

LRH ED 131 INT, Re: Life Repair Block, 8 Dec 1970 (OEC Vol. 4, p. 145)

I made the decision to examine these two statistics honestly and only these two because they are both major valuable final products of an Org (VFP).  I voluntarily pushed aside all the new statistics about which Ron has never spoken or “future statistics” which, by definition, have nothing to do with standard statistics which has to measure a realized production and not a future production.

I began by examining a statistic of the Clear attests at Flag, compiled from the lists of completion in Source Magazine.  It gives a screaming Affluence until 1989 followed by Danger until 2001 and Emergency until 2008.  Other statistics of Auditing and Training were appreciably identical.  I have not found the next years yet.

To make sure of the validity of this source, I personally verified some of the Source Magazines of this site with the real copy.  They were perfectly identical.  I could have decided to not-is all of this but I decided to look honestly by creating graphs in a standard way of all these statistics and to read the condition without trying to justify anything.  I could only notice that we were very far from the “unprecedented expansion” announced by COB.

I asked Celebrity Center Paris to show me these two statistics.  I would have never thought that it would be so difficult to obtain these two statistics, which are supposed to be both major VFPs of the Org.  Statistics that were presented to me were not standard.  It gave an approximate figure in 1985 and another approximate figure in 2011 !!!  Or it shows two columns, a small and a large one without indication of quantities and period of time.  The kind of non-standard statistics shown in events, which is exactly one of my disagreements.  The only statistic that had an approximately correct graphic was the refunds one.  Regrettably, this one did not interest me.

Two statistics of the Freewinds over the last 20 years were shown to me.  The statistic of the PDC showed a tendency of normal to Emergency until 2008 and an increase over the last 4 years corresponding probably to the delivery of the Basics.  Nevertheless, this one did not interest me either.

The statistic of Well Done Auditing Hours showed an “Affluence” until 1989 I believe, followed by “Danger” and then an “Emergency” until today (a slight decrease of the graph).  The main statistic of the Freewinds that I could not see was the number of completions of OT 8s since 1988.  Fabienne Bello, supervisor of the Freewinds told me: “It represents too much work, we have other things to do”.  I was not able to see on all the observed statistics “the unprecedented expansion” announced by COB.

What I see at best is an Emergency and at worst a Danger.  “Economize” is one of the Emergency condition step.  So, what do we do instead?  We spend gargantuan sums in buildings, which, not only slow down the progress of the donors on the Bridge but also succeed to weigh down considerably the Orgs FP no. 1 in running costs.  This is not ethical.

I have also personally observed from 1984 to 1990 that there were crowds of PCs and auditors in front of HGCs at Flag, Copenhagen, Paris Org, Celebrity Center Paris as well as Academies full of co-auditing, hubbub, auditors in training.  There was a kind of boiling, a glow, and a great up tone ambiance of production of free people.  People pushed on the Bridge, exactly as Ron asked us to do it.  Those who knew Scientology in this time will confirm it.

Today, I don’t see anybody in front of my Org’s HGC and the Academy resembles more like a local library than a place where we learn to produce Clears.

Like many, I loved studying the Basics, as I had also liked reading them when I arrived in Scientology in 1984.  Having wins reading these books is indisputable.  But, is it really what we are supposed to do?  If Ron had decided that these long studies should be a prerequisite to go up the Bridge, he would have put it on the Grade Chart or he would have written it.  However, he did not and it is in no way what he says about it (see ref. below).

HCOB 7 June 1961 Academy Schedule, Clarification of (OEC Vol. 4, P. 568)

HCO P/L 2 October 1958 Sale and Conduct of Academy Courses (OEC Vol. 4, p. 554)

HCO P/L 17 April 1961 Training, Professional New Policy (OEC Vol. 4, p. 565)

HCO P/L 14 May 1962 Training Sections (OEC Vol. 4, p. 583)

HCO P/L 21 September 1965 Issue V E-Meter Drills (OEC Vol. 4, p. 626)

LRH ED 299 INT The End of Endless Training (OEC Vol. 4, p. 419)

Let us go back on the observation of the statistics.

The 10,015 Orgs, Missions and Affiliated Groups announced by COB in the last Mag KSW News and in the last event seem to be a pure lie because it is obviously impossible to verify, even 8 % of this figure.  A new Org, Mission or Group is something so important!  I cannot imagine that Management is not making sure that each one of them can be found with their address on the Church Web Site.

For example, I cannot imagine the announcement of 100 new Orgs in Paris without saying where they are and how we can contact them!!!  It makes no sense.  The number that I was able to obtain from various publications (green volumes, WIS, Church Web sites, SMI and Internet gives me an optimistic number of 160 Orgs, 600 Missions and 400 Affiliated Groups.  I found no trace of the remaining 8,855.

Always in these same sources, the number of new Orgs opened gives me 22 in the 1970s, 72 in the 1980s, 8 in the 1990s, 1 in the 2000s.  The official site of the Church announces a long list of “new Orgs”.  They are not “new Orgs” but new buildings, which is very different.  The real statistic for the new Orgs is in a condition of Non-Existence.

The Church publicly announced 12 million scientologists in the world while the IAS lists approximately 100,000 members (including those who left).  Does it mean that 11 million and 900 thousand Scientologists just forgot to take their card?  The American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) announces, according to their official studies in the United States, 55,000 Scientologists in 1990, 45,000 in 2001 and approximately 25,000 in 2008. Based on the Institute’ statistics, it is another condition of Danger for the Church of Scientology.

I also noticed that, except for the old Scientologist’s children, I did not see new heads in my Academy since a very very long time.  This does not align with “an unprecedented expansion”.  To think that my Org is an exception is simply false.  A discreet questioning of my entourage and distant acquaintances leads me to the conclusion that it is similar for 99% of the Orgs, including “ideal orgs” which suffer from the lack of public, staff and production.  Two OTs recently took the time to go and visit European “ideal orgs” in order to see it for themselves.  What they saw is overwhelming even though they left with the firm intention to prove the opposite.

The only statistics probably in power are the number of square feet of buildings bought and the quantity of ultra luxurious renovations done.  Frankly, we absolutely do not care about “real estate speculator” statistics while the statistics of released public or the statistics of auditors is lower than ever!!!! It is revolting!!!

To make us believe continuously in an “Unprecedented Expansion” of Scientology is a propaganda lie.  Ron forbids the use of lies in PR.

Further to the observation of real statistics, I note that we are in a low condition.  Here is the reason given by LRH:

“A study reveals that Orgs fade and stumble simply and only because vital actions are dropped out or harmful arbitraries are introduced.”

HCO PL 29 Dec 1971RB REV 4 Sept 1990

Flag Representative, Purpose Of

(OEC Vol. 7, p. 1407)

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the major changes that I was able to observe:

Blocking public from moving up the Bridge and not releasing Superpower since 30 years although Ron promised Super Power in early 1979.

“Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks….”

LRH, Ron’s Journal 30, 17 December 1978

Golden Age of Tech with longer and more difficult checksheets.

Added prerequisite courses to auditor training lengthening the time it takes to produce auditors and OTs.

New interpretation of F/Ns multiplying by four the length of sec checks, causing overruns, upsets and sickness.  I have been through this technical change when I was on solo NOTs and I have seen the effects.

Mandatory and expanded use of sec checks on up stat pre-OTs even though they are doing well.

Mixing the rundowns and auditing NED on OTs.

Invalidation of Ron from COB constantly correcting “his errors”, invalidation of auditing wins and training done before Golden Age of Tech.

Pressure and unprecedented over-regging without exchange of service.

Reduction of the concept of the Ideal Org in terms of expensive MEST and excessive luxuries and not in terms of services and production realized.

Events filled with lies and with false statistics.

False promises to the staff concerning Saint Hill size and the Universe Corp.

Etc, etc, etc.

DSA France asked me this question, “when did these disagreements begin exactly?”  I thought about it and I found exactly the beginning.  It is not Debbie’s letter.

It started in 1989 while I had just attested OT 8 and was in Saint Etienne’s Org.  The PE told me that COB had just subjected the delivery of OT 9 and 10 on condition that every Classy IV Org reaches the size of old Saint Hill!!! While Saint Etienne, Clermont Ferrand and Lyon Orgs combined no more than about ten staff and around thirty public since approximately ten years.  It seemed to me like a pure and simple blackmail and a suppressive target.

Today I see that it was really about Suppressives Acts no. 44 and 45:

“Calculated efforts to disrupt Church services or the flow of public up the Bridge through the Churches.”

“Refusal to allow staff or public to progress up the Bridge or creating blocks on the Bridge preventing such progression.”

A few years later, COB even added to the list of the prerequisites for OT 9 and 10 to be auditor V Graduate and FPRD!!!  It is in my opinion, another way of saying “I shall personally make sure that nobody will have access to the upper levels of the Bridge before at least thirty years.”  Moreover, everybody agreed with that (or rather was forced to agree with that).  At this time, I wrote a letter to Guillaume Lesèvre to ask him if this new strategy leaned on directives of Ron or not.  I do not remember the exact terms, but his answer was “no, it’s a decision of the management.”

The Bridge that Ron left us was ready to be used.  26 years after his death, a single level of OT was released (considering that OT 8 is the first real level of OT).  There are still several OT levels to be released!!!  I am not certain that he would be very satisfied with this statistic if he came to visit us.  26 years is almost all the time that he needed to develop the totality of the Bridge!!!!  There is something that does not add up.  The justifications like, “we need time to train technical staff,” “we have to setup future dedicated classrooms,” “it is necessary to have so many OT 8s to release OT 9” or “all Class IV Orgs have to be big like that,” makes absolutely no sense for all the OT 8s which have a good reality on this subject.  It is pure arbitraries.

Immediately after I attested to OT 8, I felt sucked up through the top of the Bridge, then terribly deprived, and oppressed by the fact that a single individual closed it arbitrarily since more than 26 years ago.  I am certain that two weeks is amply enough to set up the release of the whole Bridge, and COB aside, nothing prevents us from opening it upward. I also have the absolute certainty that if the Bridge was opened from the beginning, we would have an inconceivable inflow of new persons at the bottom of the Bridge.

An OT 8 attesting to this level is technically and immediately ready for the next upper level.  If there were some reason against it, Ron would have written it.  In addition, if he had written it, we should have the technical knowledge of it.

Why an OT 8 has to “repair” his entire Bridge that was already completed, and why “re-prepare” infinitely and spend again astronomical sums in 10’s of intensives for sec checks that cost 8,000 dollars per intensive???  It is difficult not to envisage an underlying financial motivation.

I protested every implementation of this out tech of COB.  I did not dare to say that it was incorrect except to my auditors and CSs.  I thought about it very hard and then not-ised it hard to avoid having troubles. It is my biggest overt there and I am not proud of it for Ron.

Today, I openly say that IT IS INCORRECT towards KSW no.1.

It is incorrect to justify it as we constantly do.  I refuse to continue to be an accomplice of Miscavige’s overts by applauding his crimes and shouting “he is a genius!”

1,600 OT8s in 26 years is a ridiculously small number since Ron mapped the road and considering the great majority of people want spiritual freedom!!!  Obviously, something actively slows down our expansion. What does Ron say on this subject?  OUT TECH, OFF POLICY.  We would already have without any doubt several tens of thousands of OTs without this out tech.  We would have been delivering the complete Bridge for a long time.  The Bridge would be accessible to all technically and financially including the public, staffs, and the Sea Org.  There would be no regging for other things than services. There would be millions of scientologists (really).  Except for some incorrigible SPs, Scientology would have an extraordinary image because it would bring only the good to all those who would try it.  It would be like that if Ron was still in command.

Personally, money, excessive luxury, pressure, stress, lies and blackmail have never excited me.  Going up the Bridge, helping others to go up the Bridge, creation, ARC, lightness, freedom, respect, wins in auditing and training, Scientology… Yes, yes and yes again.  Regrettably, it seems that we have widely gone away from this ideal scene.  I am worried to notice that old Scientologists who knew the work of Ron in his early stage or the boom of Scientology in the 80s, disappear one by one.  They have been ejected, resigned or declared SP.  What are left are young scientologists who have no point of reference and become “very obedient” scientologists very fast.

I do not know a single person having left the SO and not witnessed the atmosphere of fear, of pressure, financial motivation, oppression and violence which reigns there. We can always not-is this and say that all persons who testify of these horrors became suppressive just like that!  No, a suppressive does not spend 30 years of his/her life to defend and actively expand Scientology successfully as Debbie Cook and many others have.

It is the only reason of the execrable PR from which Scientology is suffering.  Spiritual freedom was never the cause of the problem in spite of what the Church could force us to think. Our own mistakes ARE the cause of this bad PR.  This unprecedented financial pressure pushing the public into financial irregularities, out-ethics and lives of poverty entangled in debt and PTPs is largely the cause of this bad PR.  From an outside viewpoint, a simple look from a non-Scientologist brings the conclusion that we are completely in “la-la land” while we are supposed to be a model to be followed, the example of an ideal society!!!  Being in daily contact with non-Scientologists who look at us from their viewpoint, I know what I say.

The current purposes of the Church (and not those of Ron) do not correspond any more to my own.  I do not wish to belong any more to this group and refuse to continue to give my support.  Scientology interests me.  Squirreling does not interest me.

I join the group of Scientologists who go up the Bridge and help others to go up in a standard way, with ARC and simplicity.  I join the group of people who respect Ron and his work.  The group of people whose intention is to set others free, Clear, OT and obtain good statistics on this subject.

I am opposed to those who alter the Technology, who prevent people to move up the Bridge by making it inaccessible, who falsify the statistics, who lie publicly to hide their low statistics.

I am doing what I think is the most ethical.  I have good hope that COB will be corrected, sec checked and removed from its functions.  I have good hope that a more ethical TEAM takes back the reins and restores Scientology according to the Directives and Ron’s intentions to make the Bridge again a priority and accessible and thus bring people to total freedom.  I shall then be the first one to come back and fight again for this purpose.

You probably wonder why I tell you all this and why it does not stay within the framework of HCO?  The answer is that I went to see HCO.  Nevertheless, the unique purpose of HCO is to (1) ruin by all the means the reputation of all those who do not agree with management and compromise them; (2) prove, in an extremely awkward and deceitful way, with rationalization, justifications and falsified statistics that the observed out tech is not in fact out tech; (3) threaten me with an SP declare if I communicate what I have observed.

I would have really wished that with HCO we could honestly look when something incorrect is done by the Church or look if something goes against Ron’s references, and correct it.  This would make management wrong, thus, it is impossible.  COB has locked out any possibility to correct out tech.

I am sending you this letter because (1) “to announce it publicly to both parties” is one step of the Doubt Condition; (2) the solution to this crisis is not dumbness but communication.  We cannot take responsibility if we act like nothing is happening, which is what HCO and OSA wish.  I cannot believe that they do not really see what is happening.

I will probably receive an SP declaration because of this letter. Well, I do not really mind. In many other countries, they cut the throat of those who dare to oppose the dictator in position.  HCO is now going to work on a ‘Dead agent’ pack aimed at ruining my reputation and to compromise my comments. They are already saying that HCOPL of 15 Nov 1968 “Cancelation of Disconnection” does not exist, and thus I am lying and I am a “bad boy.”  This PL does exist in the 1976 and 1984 editions of OEC Vol. 1, page 489.  This reference has been withdrawn by COB in the following editions.

Recently, a good friend of mine told me about the concept of “using LRH’s references to put people in a state of confusion.”  This looks like more an argument of HCO than his personal viewpoint.  I answered him that it looks largely like a good justification to continue with the out tech actions.  Personally, I do not see how an LRH reference could put someone in a state of confusion!!!! It was not written for this purpose!! There is only one reason why a LRH reference could put someone in a state of confusion, if it shakes a stable datum that does not align with it.  How is it possible that a Scientologist has a stable datum that is contradictory to Ron’s reference???

Imagine yourself catching somebody installing a load of dynamite at the bottom of the boat?  Are you going to shut up and keep it to yourself for fear of creating some confusion?  The first reflex will be to jump him in the throat but if you have no possibility of doing that or four big ogres prevent you from it, you will surely want to communicate it, even at the risk of being thrown overboard for yelling and creating a confusion or disturbance.

This is what is happening and today, it is impossible for me to act as if I had seen nothing.

The solution is to have the courage to say “NO” and TO NOT BE REASONABLE WITH WHAT WE KNOW IS NOT CORRECT.

All what I say here is the result of my personal observation and experience.  I leave to each the care of observing for himself/herself and drawing his or her own conclusions if you haven’t already done so.

Looking at this situation, demands confronting and can bring confusion.  I am very aware of it but it is what happens when we put in some order.  What should we do?  Not-is and persuade ourselves that everything is fine, or take responsibility and oppose what seems to us incorrect in spite of the danger which it contains or the confusion which it can generate?

I chose to rely on LRH and his writings.  I chose to be openly against all that deviates from it.

HCOBs and HCOPLs are fortunately still available “approximately” unaltered before a “new golden age” makes them obsolete.  It is what is going to save us!  It would not be surprising for me if the red and green disappears completely from our auditors training to be replaced by titles like “according to Ron Hubbard’s works” which would widely open the door to an altered tech in direct violation of KSW no.1.

The only Golden Age of Tech that will ever exist is Ron’s when he was in command and when he was setting people free by hundreds.  To declare things otherwise and to invent a new golden age of tech is an insult towards him.

Although HCO will force you to cut the communication with me, be aware that Ron canceled the disconnection policy in 1968 (HCO PL 15 Nov on 1968, Cancellation of Disconnection).  Here is another out tech.  Nevertheless, my friends will always remain my friends.  It does not change anything for me.  I shall console myself when receiving my SP declaration by knowing that 38 of 50 staff of the last Org that Ron led personally (the old Saint Hill) were personally declared SPs by Miscavige and chucked out for ever (see the list below).  The 2.5 % (percentage given in the Ethics book) gives us here 76 % SPs!!!  Thinking that Ron would have seen nothing is another insult towards him.  This SP Declaration does not make any sense anymore.

If we are only a few to oppose this unethical situation, statistics will continue to fall and David Miscavige will grow richer.  On the day there are enough of us with the courage to say “stop” to Miscavige’s dictatorship, Miscavige will withdraw to his yacht (that I saw with my own eyes) or will fly away in his private jet on an island with his billions and his buildings.  I have good hope that Scientology will then be back to normal again and we shall meet.

I am leaving the group of David Miscavige and his perverted management, and I am simply re-joining the group of L. Ron Hubbard. I am not leaving Scientology, but I am declaring my independence from the current Church, and I am taking back my freedom.

See you soon.


Ken Urquhart LRH Pers Comm, LRH Butler, for 15 yrs (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

J.J. Delance Technical Staff Clear #17 Started Scn in France (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Leon Steinberg Exec Council Clear #10 Personal Friend of LRH One of the original LRH trained Class XII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Jenny Parkhouse Treasury Staff Clear #54 Personal Friend of LRH (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Pat Bloomberg Dissem Sec (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Peter Hemery HCO Secretary Personal Friend of LRH (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Mike Rigby Dir Accounts (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Joyce Popham LRH Pers Sec (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Joan McNocher: D/Guardian (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Robin Hancocks Deputy HCO Executive Sec (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Frank Freedman D/Qual Clear #127 Class VIII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Betty James Ad Council Chairman (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

John McMaster SHSBC Course Supervisor FIRST CLEAR (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Pam Pearcy Ad Council Clear #211 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Reg Sharpe LRH Assistant Personal Friend of LRH Clear #7 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Tony Dunleavy Clearing Course Supervisor Clear #20 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Connie Broadbent Dir Accounts Clear #29 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Craig Lipsitz Qual Staff Clear #30 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership, but now undeclared)

Sheena Fairchild Tech Staff Clear #41 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Jennifer Edmonds Tech Staff Clear #15 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Bernie Green Tech Staff Clear #18 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Gareth McCoy Dissem Staff Clear #21 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

John Lawrence Tech Staff Clear #28 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Peggy Bankston Tech Staff Clear #34 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Helen Pollen Qual Staff Clear #47 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Fred Fairchild Tech Staff Clear #49 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Dorothy Knight Dissem Staff Clear #50 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Judy Gray Tech Staff Clear #56 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Cal Wigney Div 6 Staff Clear #57 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Mary Long Div 6 Staff Clear #58 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Bill Robertson Tech Staff Clear #61 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Linda Nussbaum Exec Staff Clear #62 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Robin Lindsell Tech Staff Clear #73 Class XII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Val Wigney Saint Hill Interne Clear #87 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Edith Hoyseth Saint Hill Interne Clear #105 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Roger Biddell Saint Hill Interne Clear #107 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Cyril Vosper Tech Staff (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

Brian Livingston Tech Staff Clear #35 One of the original LRH trained Class XII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

This list has not been verified:

Philip Quirino LRH Comm Living under guard in reclusive retirement home

Len Regenass: HCO Area Sec DECLARED SP

Dalene Regenass Org E.S DECLARED SP Clear #24 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)

Otto Roos Ad Council DECLARED SP Clear #25 One of the original LRH trained Class XII (completed A-E of a prior Declare. But Re-Declared by Current Church Leadership)

Marilynn Routsong HCO Staff DECLARED SP Clear #31 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)

Herbie Parkhouse Org Exec Sec DECLARED SP Clear #55 Personal Friend of LRH Org Exec Sec (Declared by Current Church Leadership)

Anton James Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #53 (Declared by Current Church Leadership; Deceased)

Virginia Downsborough Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #39 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)

Van Staden Treasury Staff DECLARED SP Clear #40 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)

Felice Green Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #26 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)