Starting OT IX

Starting OT IX has been awesome. Already I find myself more in control of my environment and find that it is not nearly as threatening as I had supposed. I have come to realize that there were things about peoples character or their universe that I could be responsible for and change or not change as I decided. By looking for what I disagreed with and then discovering that I could accept it, I found that my understanding of others increased considerably and, consequently, my ARC for them.

Just a few days ago a dear friend of mine called to say that she had pneumonia. She wanted to know if I could help. I took a look at her body and found a problem in each lung. These problems seemed to be at odds with each other. The turbulence created was causing her illness. By thoroughly viewing the cause of the problem, it vanished. The next day she reported that she was out of bed and feeling so much better. A couple days later she was over the sickness.

I consider myself fortunate to have Pierre as my auditor and C/S. The auditing is without doubt far superior than any other I’ve received. The supervision has allowed my own auditing to flow without stops and always on track.

Signed: JB

(Published with JB’s written permission)

Success on OT IX

On OT IX, I greatly increased my awareness of myself and my perception of the universe of others, including people, animals, plants, and disembodied thetans. I find that I can easily perceive simultaneously a room full of people, each as individuals, as well as their collective mind. The universes of minds are an order of magnitude beyond what my attention was focused on before doing this level.


(published with H.J.’s written permission)