I wish your New Year 2012 to become the year of Personal Development, Freedom, Happiness and Spiritual Fulfillment


We are turning the leaf on yet another year. As I prepare myself to complete this cycle, I reflect upon the events that marked 2011, both Personal, National and International. I acknowledge Goodwill where it was. I also acknowledge and reflect upon the darker side of things, looking for answers and solutions, instead of doing like so many who choose to be either part of the problem or selectively complain to those who act as if like endless natter among themselves ever solved anything.

2011 is almost over. I could call it “THE YEAR OF CONTROVERSIES”, if I wanted to validate the misguided souls who believe that calumny (frequently called 3P – Third Party in a Scientology Jargon) is the miracle solution to whistle-blowing about their own unethical acts and lies but I have decided to let those losers burnt alone in the Hell they have created for themselves.

Indeed in 2011, I discovered that scores of Auditors in the Independent Field were falsely claiming that I acted as their Case Supervisor. Several of them were falsely bilking their public for non-existing “Case Supervision fees”, pocketing them and then covertly blaming me for any failures, when I never had anything to do with the case. Several auditors I trained on upper Level Rundowns, started to audit cases that were clearly not setup, or cases that were clearly unethical or even acting criminally, under the pretext that “they are writing WONDERFUL SUCCESS STORIES”.

I spend some time giving the sordid details here, as in each case I sought to prevent it but was viciously attacked by the auditor (or the group that support him/her) and unjustly blamed because of the false claims that I was supervising these cases.

Among the un-ethical audited and C/Sed by unscrupulous auditors, I found a man who robbed the inheritance of his underage children, violating the oath he had made to his mother on her death-bed, and spent it all on Scientology auditing for himself in the Independent Field.

Another, chronically stole from her clients and publicly sought to assassinate the character of anyone who dare exposing her crimes. When a current client showed up dead drunk on her door step with cocaine in his pockets (apparently acquired between sessions), he was, to avoid potential bad publicity, driven not to a hospital but to skid row, where he was abandoned to fend on his own.

Another is still running a kind of Ponzi scheme and has left dozens of investors, including his own father broke (he is also a dead-beat Dad, leaving his children live in poverty and without a penny paid toward their education, while he happily does Upper level Rundowns and Levels, writing his trademark “raving success stories”.

Another is among the most hypercritical people I have heard of, and has been personally attacking me and those who support me, regularly using Ethnic slurs and Ethnic stereotyping, ever since I turned down a very lucrative offer to hand him upper Level materials, I knew he would use destructively. When reported to his auditors, they were very quick in disclaiming any responsibility and agreeing with his natter.

Among people not setup for Upper Rundowns and Levels are resistive cases, heavy ex-drug addicts with quickie Drug Rundowns and those who have been messed up by so many reckless and lazy auditors that their mental processes have become impaired, their former analytical processes replaced by a chronic state of Euphoria which is the expected by-product of pseudo-auditing where the feeding of upper level data, mixing/misauditing rundowns, evaluations, leading question, and the feeding of cognitions has become the norm.

One of them, within hours of attesting a Major Upper Level Rundown was threatening me and my wife with “Going to the Church and falsely testifying that I deal in stolen goods” and reporting me (falsely again) for alleged Tax Evasion. When reported to the auditor, he declined to examine the possibility of having missed any withold, auditing a case not setup, having audited a case on a major rundown without folder study or having committed any form of out-tech stating that “The person has no charge on the matter and is happy” and refused to listen to my advice that he was significantly short of having delivered a flawless rundown (or one according to L. Ron Hubbard precise criteria). In fact that auditor, that I sought to train has officially “disconnected from me”, inviting his friends to do the same, after I reported him privately to a person I thought was capable of handling him (he was refusing to follow my instructions as a c/s and do crams), and this having failed, to his Ethics officer.. Seemingly mutual out-ruds prevailed and I was accused of “talking behind his back to his friends”, while he continued to audit unethical and criminal cases. Their complaint was that I did not report him to his group (an organization who is a replica of the Church and who believes in the same aberrant Justice system and codes that has caused thousands of injustices in the Church.

Unsatisfied with the false claim that I was supervising cases I wasn’t, some Independent auditors compounded the felony by disseminating altered or fabricated upper level rundowns bulletin, falsely attributing them to me. Seemingly the aim was to promote their own brand of procedures or to attribute clearly aberrant processes for reasons best known to their dark side.

All the above has inspired to offer a myriad of technical briefings in 2012, so that honest and ethical people avoid the traps and pitfalls that have befallen those who are now deep down the dwindling spiral.

Among the topics will be: Traps to avoid, Learning how to think, false data about Ethics, or about Scientology, The Importance of Ethical Behaviour, the cause and answer to Criminality, How some people covertly mix Scientology with Psycho-analysis, how to fix auditors who dont even understand their basics…

2011 for me was a “YEAR OF UNPRECEDENTED EXPANSION” OR “THE YEAR OF DISCOVERIES”, where I have made breakthrough discoveries into WHY Scientology has ended the way it has, wrong whys about it and for the aberrant behaviour of Scientologists, both in the church and out.

Aberrant and unethical behaviour is largely the product of ignorance and false data. Some of the key false data among Scientologists (both in the Church and out) include the definition of Ethics, its importance , the goal of auditing and the true meaning and value of Success Stories:

i. The definition of Ethics has evolved from the study of right vs. wrong conduct to “doing the greatest good…” The subjective belief, often based on propaganda and fixed ideas that one is doing the “greatest Good…” is at the very core and essence of the ideology of both Extremism and Terrorism.

ii. Scientology, as is practiced in most circles, entirely skip the notions of learning to be Ethical first and foremost (see the concept of the Eight Noble Path in Buddhism, Buddhism is, of course supposed to be the basis for Scientology), thus people with a bad predisposition toward others routinely become worse and meaner as they progress in Scientology. Many of them eventually leave and become renegades, screaming they were not helped and attacking anyone who still support the subject.

iii. Success Stories as the one and only yardstick of use to gage spiritual advancement is both an aberrant and absurd practice. Beside being an ideal tool for the dishonest (or PR) person to move ahead, it does not take into account delusions about non-existent past-life auditing, delusional or euphoric states that are easily shattered by the slightest disagreement (yet continually asserted in spite of any objective assessment). Success stories which are critical simply demonstrate the existence of un-addressed Bypassed charge and therefore quickie auditing (because it was done over that un-addressed bypassed charge). My pointing out those facts along with references has typically elicited the kind of reaction one would expect for promoting Human rights at a KKK rally.

iv. The goal of processing was meant to bring PAN-DETERMINISM, yet it is actively promoted, possibly because it appeals more to the wealthy, as GREATER POWER, GREATER HAPPINESS AND GREATER SELF-DETERMINISM, even if attaining those is often done by stepping over others, unethical practices or through plain selfishness.

On the latter point, the goals and beliefs of SCIENTOLOGY OT LEVELS AND RUNDOWNS and those of SHAMANISM are confused by some. Of note is that Shamanism can be used indiscriminately for Good or for Evil.

The end of the year marks the time for clearing the slower energies of the past and preparing for a new cycle of growth. It is a time of awakening and recommitting to life as spiritual beings full of new energy and warmth. It is time again to celebrate of being spiritually rejuvenated and resurrected in a new spiritual realm allowing ourselves the reckoning of better deeds.

The completion of one cycle and going into the next is a sign representing energy, drive, initiative and motivation. I feel rejuvenated with a restlessness and an openness to change and new experiences. Now’s a perfect time to reflect on relationship to life and I invite everyone to revisit what brings your personal and spiritual fulfillment.

No matter what are your challenges, you can look at your life in new ways and this will support you to grow closer to your higher self. Empower yourself with the postulates of spiritual growth and change by learning from adversity.

If life was a banquet, it is very unfortunate that too many people have chosen to starve with a full feast in front of them!

I wish you an inspiring, productive and meaningful new chapter in your life’s journey.

Pierre Ethier