The Zone by Brian Culkin

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 The athlete of the future will most definitely have to cultivate his or her spiritual powers and capabilities in coordination with the physical and mental as well. I refer to this new breed of athlete as a “Zen Warrior” whose awareness, intention, and presence supersede the strength and brute force of the body alone.

“The Zone” is ultimately creative act in the highest sense of the word. Thought and Action are one and the perceived barriers and limitations are moved away for higher states of existence and expression.

Here are some of the definitive characteristics that coincide with an individual experiencing “The Zone:”

Affinity—Quite simply, the ability to generate love for another, others, or a situation one is involved in. The Zone always has this feeling of a profound and deep love for the task at hand.

Reality—Reality is neither a solidness of mass, nor is it an “illusion” or what the Yogis call maya; reality is simply the agreed-upon consideration of what is. Reality is what we agree to. An individual in The Zone can generate reality at will. He can agree or disagree to anything.

Communication—The emanation of an idea from an origination point across a space to its receipt point. Communication is effortless while in The Zone. Communication can occur through effort, emotion, and thought. The highest levels of communication are possible for an individual in the state of The Zone.

Knowledge—Knowledge does not come from books. It comes from the inner certainty of what one knows to be true. The Zone is the state where the inner knowledge of one’s capability is made manifest for the world to see.

Responsibility—Perhaps the most misunderstood word in the English language. Responsibility is just the willingness and ability to be source. It is the knowledge that one is the creative force of one’s existence. It is, in a word, Cause. The Zone displays the highest levels of responsibility an individual is capable of.

Control—The ability to start, change, or stop at will, the full control over one’s body, emotion, and thoughts. The manifestation of control is the seemingly effortless feats that athletes show in motor control, coordination, strength, and endurance.

When these factors are all present, and more importantly when they can be self generated at will, it can be said that one is in The Zone.

Now, it is all well and good that athletes are showing us that this is indeed possible, these higher states of existence and consciousness, because, in essence, that is what the Zone is. It is a highly creative state in which good things arise. When people go in the Zone, we expect the beautiful, the magnificent, the good. We do not expect the destructive or negative.

Now imagine for a moment we could put religious leaders, politicians, CEOs in The Zone. Imagine if we could take these basic principles that manifest themselves on a basketball court and have them manifest in the world of global politics, world religion, and the various social institutions of our world. How quickly would things change?

The final note about The Zone is this. Teams do not go into The Zone. Countries do not go into The Zone. Corporations do no go into The Zone. Only individuals do.


One comment on “The Zone by Brian Culkin

  1. It is interesting that you are promoting this Pierre. Brian Culkin is currently working with an organization run by a Psychotherepist and Hypnotist, Dr. Ronald Alexander, the “Open Mind Training Institute”. Very un-scientological! 🙂

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