OT Levels

Some information about the OT levels on Marty Rathbun’s  is based on assumptions that are not supported by facts. As usual, fabrications , misinformations and rumors tend to spread like wildfire. Marty accurately established that there was no trace of the upper OT LEVELS where L. Ron Hubbard lived (and died). His further conclusions however were based on assumptions that do not naturally flow out of his established facts. He went on to deduct that LRH WAS A CONTINUOUS LIAR and never made them. FACT: L. RON HUBBARD developed the OT LEVELS above OT VIII in the 1970s on the Apollo …NOT IN THE 1980s. It is a fact that the Class XIIs saw them, there were other witnesses. The Ls are based on OT VIII-XV. There is even a PUBLISHED OT VIII bulletin from 1969 and a dozen places where LRH gives data coming from OT VIII. This is another aberrated by-product of Scientology culture:”If it wasn’t seen by oneself it doesn’t exist”. This is Ostrich thinking and Galileo (re: “The Earth”), Einstein ( re:”Theory of relativity” ) had proven this approach to the nature of things to be wrong! . Those who are so quick at jumping at conclusions and whose perceptions are so low they can’t see illogic where it exist, are nowhere near ready for the upper OT LEVELS anyway, so why are they apparently so deeply concerned?

The Bridge

Pierre Ethier

***Class XII ***
Church of Scientology and FREEZONE Whistleblower
LAST UPDATE: November 17 2012

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August 2-22, 2011: Huge Wins from the application of TRUE STANDARD TECH OUTSIDE THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY by people whose cases were grossly SABOTAGED at Flag through verbal tech and suppressive. These people are actually beaming and extroverted now, compared to their being cowed and introverted when they first contacted me.

1- The FSO now instructs its auditors to violate the LAWS OF LISTING AND NULLING, by telling them to disregards items because they are too verbose, because only items that are two words or more are “invalid”. Pcs are routinely invalidated in session being told “They Q&A”.

2- Itsa has been redefined as a form of listing, and anything but a terse answer is invalidated by the Flag auditor as “Q&A” and pcs are chopped. Auditors who let pcs properly itsa are crammed for “OUT-TR2”.

3- SOLO NOTS AUDITORS get confidential briefing where they are told: “At your level, there is no more Pre-OT, only SOLO NOTS CASE, THERE IS NO YOU. (this is an actual whole track implant command), and from now on they are not expected, (nor even wanted)  to make any gains as a pre-OT.

4- A NEW SQUIRREL TECHNIQUE IS BEING TAUGHT: “HOW TO KILL AN F/N”, so that they have no more reason to not do high hours and do long sessions. The Freewinds OT VIII C/S now indoctrinates her public that “There is no more YOU, no more basic personality and only a duty to audit and cooperate with the church, and that any disagreement is solely a NOTs type case dramatization.

July 2011: MOE CoS INSANITY: The CoS “sponsored” web pages against the FZ retaliate, but in a fashion worthy of a mental retard by using names of people they have been thoroughly “dead agented” as their prime source for “reliable sources” to spread their brand of yellow journalism… 2 1/2% of people approve…


Forced two of CoS fronts/stooges to remove Slanderous, Hate Web Pages about me. Immediately after, some of their well know stooges, using Yellow Journalism, tried to poison my repute on a number of boards. Using suppressive generalities and deliberate fabrications they posted 1.1 comments in retaliation. Their avowed sources: people they have been dead-agenting and called liars for years…

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One comment on “OT Levels

  1. Hi Pierre, I was wondering if you could give some more data on the OT levels above 8?

    You said that “the Class XIIs saw them”. Were you one of the Class XII’s then and saw them? Or is this what was reported to you by your peers later?

    What form were they in? Fully written up? Notes and instructions? Raw research?

    http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/the-land-of-milk-and-honey-and-virgins-galore/ is the Rathbun blog post where he talks about this, and his armed raid on Pat Broekers ranch, but perhaps this was late on the chain and the materials they were looking for were already “in the tech”, rather than in Ron’s last folders?

    Is SOP 8 part of the levels above OT VIII?

    As always, (and until now unstated), I appreciate the data and viewpoint you provide.


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