Pierre Ethier in Moscow – Lecture 2009

OT Levels

Some information about the OT levels on Marty Rathbun’s  is based on assumptions that are not supported by facts. As usual, fabrications , misinformations and rumors tend to spread like wildfire. Marty accurately established that there was no trace of the upper OT LEVELS where L. Ron Hubbard lived (and died). His further conclusions however were based on assumptions that do not naturally flow out of his established facts. He went on to deduct that LRH WAS A CONTINUOUS LIAR and never made them. FACT: L. RON HUBBARD developed the OT LEVELS above OT VIII in the 1970s on the Apollo …NOT IN THE 1980s. It is a fact that the Class XIIs saw them, there were other witnesses. The Ls are based on OT VIII-XV. There is even a PUBLISHED OT VIII bulletin from 1969 and a dozen places where LRH gives data coming from OT VIII. This is another aberrated by-product of Scientology culture:”If it wasn’t seen by oneself it doesn’t exist”. This is Ostrich thinking and Galileo (re: “The Earth”), Einstein ( re:”Theory of relativity” ) had proven this approach to the nature of things to be wrong! . Those who are so quick at jumping at conclusions and whose perceptions are so low they can’t see illogic where it exist, are nowhere near ready for the upper OT LEVELS anyway, so why are they apparently so deeply concerned?

The Bridge


A good friend sticks with you in good times and bad. Unfortunately when it comes to Scientology (both CoS and FreeZone) 85% of people who claim to be friends will INSTANTLY and PERMANENTLY become upset when they feel (even if that feeling is solely based on unfounded rumors) THAT they have been DISRESPECTED. It is as if what they got through Scientology was INCREASED SELF-DETERMINISM to the point of arrogance and obtuseness and LOWERED PAN-DETERMINISM to the point of egocentrism and narcissism. This appears to be a by-product of the Church of Scientology culture